Cridical Wow Man U & Chelsea For Quarters!!!
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Damn it Valencia!! that was terrible. Zaragoza had control the entire game.
7 years ago
Must of been a nice game to watch live. Not if you're a Valencia fan though. Can't beleive they let that happen. When's Cesar coming back? I hated our netmindin...
Ok, Real Mardid played very well and Valencia had some great Defense. The first Ronaldo goal was legit but I blame the official for the second. Valencia had pos...
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It's not new for players to lose their passion due to the bureaucracy of management. Adriano left Europe for those exact reasons but he plays in South America w...
Nope. It was clear what was going on. Rooney and Tevez couldn't play together. I don't think they were beefing, only that they didn't have much chemistry. When ...
Real Talk Tevez!!! It's true that Football has lost alot of it's heart in the last 20 years as the capitalist approach has invaded the game. The reason it still...
I love Man U, but even I gotta admit, they're not in top form. All season long, they have yet to win a game convincingly and often squander leads. I do beleive ...
Damn it Valencia!! Y'all started the season so well. I don't know what happened to Soldado and Mata or even Pablo? It's like ever since the Champs League loss t...
Very nice. I'm loving this honeymoon phase that Valencia is having right now, even if its three games into the season. That was a BS call on Navarro though!, not only can you watch Man U, but almost every other sport as well
Man that game was great. Even though i'm also a Sevilla Supporter, i gotta give Getafe props for they played amazing
8 years ago
Agree aswell. It was very stupid on his part but hey "When Fortune Smiles....."
Damn straight Joaquin's tha man!!
Their so good but they have a problem finishing. Having Aguero Rodrigues and Forlan is great but it seems in big matches, they tend to cave. They are still one ...
Ronaldo tried too much circus stuff. He should have known better than to chip so late. Still nautico played with alot of heart
First off, Much respect to the Footytube staff for the new clothing line lol. Secondly i don't think their should be a playoff due to the complexity and prece...
I want to beleive you Henry! It's just really hard when the video fully shows intent in the hand ball. I'm glad this is getting the attention it deserves.Maybe...
Actually I wouldn't. I believe, beyond my preferences on teams and players, that the game should be played properly first. I'm a fan of the sport more than of F...
If I was a France supporter I would be so ashamed of my team. they played horribly to let Ireland get the best of them. France was #1 in the last decade. What H...
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