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Bring it.
6 years ago
I think it was clear I appreciated Basel's performance, I did write that I was, did I not? One word of advice: take time to actually read posts and time to ...
@SuarezDbest Go live it up while you can. Your team is comprised of unproven, overrated, and third-class english players, as well as a ignorant, disrespectfu...
Please...if it were only that easy. If teams could just magically have world class strikers appear, world class midfielders, and world class players. Step o...
It was a calculated risk. It just simply didn't work out. I thought even our make-shift back four would be able to handle Basel. What led to our demise was erro...
@Sandan. Please...go to sleep.
@Bilboy You're correct. We have been slipping by under the radar in terms of our defence. It maybe because of the injuries, our new backline, the injury of Vidi...
@Sante. Speaking of twats...
@Reddevil278. You hate him? Really? Go support City.
@IZack Manchester United is much more than two players. It is the collective effort of each player that makes us who we are.
GET OF YOUR HIGH HORSE. Every person has their own reason for why they support a team. Just because you support a underdog team, and a MLS team for that matter ...
You support United eh? Condemning Rio after a handful of appearances, at the beginning of the season, after his injury, and while Vidic is injured is just absol...
Poor Gunners. Taking a shot at us every chance they get. It feels like a spectacle from down there I presume?
The "inury" excuse as you refer to it, is actually not an excuse at all. It is evident that Arsenal was severly undermanned before, during, and after our game w...
Haha. Don't get your hopes up. We are still the secound best team in the world after Barcelona. We have a depleted squad right, (not to undermine the depth of o...
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Ronaldinhio still has it
8 years ago
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