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Cr7iThinkSo wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Lol this article is s**t... it is just shitting on arsenal and yea... So many one sided people writing these...
6 years ago
Torres ripped ManU not going to lie. should of just point away a couple. From a united fan. Torres should i had two lit alone his first hat trick for chelsea
Still the only thing holding Arsenal back are themselves. Really need to focus on their defensive game since their offensive game is pretty sicky
Lol nah your wrong. 3-0 before the Pk. 4-0 if rooney scored. 5-0 when he hit post. 6-0 Berbatov got cleared off the line. 7-0 Hernades biff his kick. Not ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
The magic ronaldo will do :P typed that s**t in a hurry without proof reading.
BTW. last post was a joke but lets get straight here. 1. Ronaldo is clearly the better athlete. He is 6 1" or 6 2" Clearly physically imposing. Has superior...
Ight i made a account to just point a few things out. 1. Messi humble? LOL NOPE. Who gets a red in less then 4 minutes of your debut for your national team an...
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