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Huntelaar would have scored the RvP chance, RvP would have scored the Huntelaar chance
5 years ago
RvP is crap. Dont buy him :P
Park main qualities are energy and stamina and surprisingly both were missing
6 years ago
Yes i am jealous of chelsea. they paid 50 million and got torres and we paid 2.75 million to get rvp haha
Last year title race was between Manu and Arsenal then at the end it was between Manu and Chelsea. This year its between City and Manu. You cant predict who wil...
We are using it. The way you sit back and played narrowly worked well against barca. The fact that Barcelano had to use Iniesta (and then a player who last year...
This Dortmund team will force me to learn German. Great team. Once again telling world you can win without extra money.
The goal keeper was changed because they thought game will be decided on penalties and he was a better choice for that
OK Fulham was rubbish but united was good too. Cant take the credit away
You missed diving, cheating and pressurizing referees lolz
Why always Barcelona fans contaminate videos with their comments
Sad to see Gotze not playing a major part in the game. Yes Arsenal was not the dominant force but Arsenal did a great job of slowing the tempo of the game and s...
Norwich is having a good season. Really happy to see them performing well. Best of luck for the rest of season minus one match
I am pointing to the extra-ordinary reaction of Chelsea fans. You people remember how you won against Tottenham last year and how you won against manu 2 years a...
OK Chelsea fans a little bit bad referring ( soft penalty but there was contact and such penalties are given every week ) and you lost a game. But talking of ho...
United loss concentration for last 5-6 mins and paid a heavy price. Still united is one of the contender for the tittle.
What? Manchester united was lucky? They were Average. Played good football, switched off and then scored a goal to share the points.
Chelsea playing well without Lampard
But if you watch his goal you can see that no one is putting pressure on him. Just standing and blocking a particular angle. You need to do much more than that ...
Park did the same mistake of letting Messi run free as he did against Arsenal (when Ramsey was roaming freely and scored) lesson not learned.
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