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Who do you suggest we go for instead of him Wilf? I can’t think of anyone more ideal than him that’s available.
6 hours ago
Was just thinking the same thing ^ 2016 isn't far away we can still make a bid this summer if the board wanted to. That's not a very commited announcement in ...
3 days ago
5 days ago
Right? I was a fan seeing him dribble past multiple defenders when he was at QPR. He's fun to watch we can't deny that
1 week ago
Either way it's good because the players stay sharp and they are friendly matches so there is a less chance of injury. No pressure on players finally getting ga...
2 weeks ago
I don't live far from Harvard you guys think I'll have a chance to meet the legend?! I wonder if they have crazy security or if I can just get a visitors pass a...
Lmao Benteke and Ronaldo screw you guys I ask because I'm Peruvian, and he is too. I'm asking because he's on the verge of breaking into the national t...
Does anybody have anything insightful to say about Cristian Benavente? I'm curious how the Madrid faithful view him
F**k you guys then lol
So it looks like we may find out about Gundogan sooner rather than later. He has been offered a new contract and he's expected to reply to his team well before ...
That was his attempt at regaining clevs confidence, "we need you for the biggest game of them all, train hard lad" that plan backfired miserably!
3 weeks ago
Hopefully it's 2 coaches
Prophet I think under these circumstances, with his delay of a new contract and our current situation, it's worth the risk. He is a gamble but his price wk also...
No, what I'm saying is instead of sitting on your chair watching our team dominate and play in a respectable style, and saying "Lol we'll just get raped by the ...
4 weeks ago
Some fans really aren't satisfied after this performance? It's one thing to be a realist it's another to be a pessimist. We obviously need work but this was a g...
Plenty of off the ball movement. There is nothing wrong with crossing a long as you do it right. We played through the middle and out wide. Don't let highlights...
1 month ago
It's no secret i'm a big Song fan, I would love to see him in our kit!
We all know he can do it, it's not the point. We need to share and share and share again, the only way for this mumbling to turn into genuine screams. Somethin...
I would say the same, he's unpredictable you can't let him get on either foot comfortably or you might get punished! Miss him he could be our best player on the...
I'm bored, who would you guys say is our most 2 footed player?
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