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That's unfortunate. However, it's not the end of the world and hopefully we can get some stability in the second half of the season. The only sad thing is al...
F**k was Ibra doing that game?
Disgraceful from Adriano and Shakhtar. Vitaliy166, you're a clown. Shakhtar did not give them a goal back. That's called poor defending, not "allowing them to...
What a clown.
If anything, it seems like you don't have a clue about continental football. You were probably one of those who said Bayern would steamroll Chelsea. They were d...
Goalie lost Zaragoza that game.
Cleverly's got a bit of Ronalidinho in him with that goal.
On the contrary, I think Balotelli is the only good thing about City. Without him, I wouldn't bother looking at City highlights.
Hope the refs aren't starting to overlook hazard's legitimate penalty claims because he wins a lot of them.
Great to see Romeu on the board!
Villareal's season is just deteriorating rapidly. I feel like they are the Arsenal of La Liga this season.
6 years ago
It's good to see Balotelli in the mix again. Seems like he's finally maturing under Mancini. City is becoming a very exciting team to follow, and is one of the ...
Fabregas has been brilliant thus far. I have to say I'm amazed at how productive he has been in so short a time.
And they're about as good as Blackburn
Somewhere on FootyTube
City should be playing some fantastic football this season, provided the club gets the stability it needs through player commitment. As good as Barcelona? Perha...
I love the way they played. I honestly think sometimes that Anelka throws off the flow of the game and doesn't help to create opportunities like the others do. ...
7 years ago
Arsenal was mighty fortunate to escape that one with a win... Great play by both sides, but Barca should've put in a couple more goals. Overall though, I'm thri...
Agreed, total disgrace.
Hate to break it to you, but Inter will not get past Bayern Munich.
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