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Super Srbija!
Great game blues! Exactly how it's supposed to go when these two meet: Chelsea wins and Man U loses since Man U is worse than Chelsea and because Fergie is a w*...
Lol well technically you proved fifaman's point. You may not claim to be a Ronaldo supporter...but you end up supporting and defending him regardless aaaand you...
6 years ago
Hahaha the 'idiot' that handcuffed himself to the post...hilarious
I'm gonna bust a nut if Torres gets a hat trick with Chelsea
I don't know why everyone is rating Man City as rubbish :s it doesn't really make sense. They played their hearts out and had 2 goals and lost on aggregates. I'...
What happened to the 20min dailymotion highlights on footytube? now there's only these 2 min ones or the shitty rutube ones..both tell you the score right away
I'd definitely rather have newcastle united over man united, and even if it is just man city's money that got them this far, who cares, it worked. Any way, it w...
Haha balotelli is such a g, his reaction to the penalty kick is hilarious
Guy, man u is so shaky, not branch in the wind shaky but like parkinsons shaky lol
Haha 4:18 torres: "hey what are you doin?" villa: "nothing, just a little tired, just got a goal so I'm chillin" (wipes snot) torres: "true, true, lean away"
Wow, reminds me of a bad fifa session, you're always in the other guy's end with a million chances but you just can't finish and then the score line doesn't rep...
I dont understand why people are calling barca lucky when athletic are lucky to have gotten an own goal from pique, what can ever be luckier than a free goal li...
Wow cavani just fell...disappointing from him, but then again he does play in series a
But when something is known to be a joke, like literally only said because it's a joke, then its redundant and stupid to get offended. If it's a joke then any m...
Haha what an amazing way to nab the game at the end
Lol at 11:00, classic props/handshake the top level of course
Szczesny stepped it up amazing
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