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France looks favorite than spain and germany.Ribery is in his greatest form of lifetime.
6 years ago
Typical Man Utd fan. Why 90% of Man Utd fans are Ignorant and Illiterate ? Reason - 90% of Man Utd fans became fans after watching what ESPN/STAR SPORTS feed...
Barca-UEFA Referees and Manu-EPL Referees Love-Story Saga continues. When Chips are down,Referee is going to help Barca. Barca deserved to win,But Milan does n...
Forget Barca,Mourinho need to handle Bayern first.They are absolutely fantastic against OM.
Kaka should start instead of Higuain
Barca innovate lot of things in Free-Kicks.I am not sure whthere messi's curly free-kick an accident or deliberate ?
Milan put a dirty pitch in san siro.Foul on alexis is clear penalty.In san siro Barca will kill Milan.hopefully
Man United - 70 Points and Refree United - 25 Points - Total Points = 95 Points Man City - 110 Points and Referee United taken - 15 Points - Total Points = 90 P...
Referee United - 1 , Fulham - 0 . Throughout season United got so many favors. Really Undeserved title
Also I am not against Barca.Barca is the best team in the world with Messi,Xavi and Iniesta in their team.But referring don't kill the game.
I really sorry for my comments about it. I am really sorry for that.I will remove those comments.Last year,there are lot of referee decisions against us.These r...
In this world of corruption in fifa and cut-throat TV marketing,Results will be adjusted by various associations.When gap is 10 Points,Both Barca and even Real ...
Dear DaGaza, Yesterday's referee decisions grossly against real.whether no red card against tackle on callejon,unreal free-kick,pepe's yellow card and ozil's r...
Nasri will be brilliant in arsenal shirt.At the end of his career,Fans will praise him for loyalty for playing arsenal blah blah etc But Owners will ruthlessly ...
Oh really,Please refer arsenal fan's comments about Rosicky and Arshavin for last 1 year.
Barca was 10-points behind Real Madrid.Suddenly Laliga losing viewers.They decided to slash Real's points to bring back viewers j ust like how FA and Referee he...
Tevez comeback a little bit sensational. Tevez should partner Aguero in remaining games
Where are arsenal fans bashing nasri?.Agreed he is below par entire season.Yesterday he is brilliant.
Man utd does not deserve title this year after getting lot of Howard webb enabled victories.They are out of CL in weak group and Out of Europa league after losi...
Man city played well throughout the game.But chelsea have one deflected goal.Penalty look 70(Manc)-30(Chelsea) chance.But its quite ok bcoz Man city is at recei...
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