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Guys, if we beat city today, then we have to face our toughest opponent in recent years.. Atletico is no joke to us, and for us to beat them, it takes more tha...
8 hours ago
Lol... this is one funny conversation... how did real madrid increase the bernabeu pitch size.. i still don't get??? pep checking the grass length is pretty ...
6 days ago
We once only had Bale, he didn't disappoint us.. the difference is, this season, has been often injured and his fitness is also going to be a question mark... ...
1 week ago
... thats just what i'm hoping on. focus from 1st - 90th minute.
Tharius... Its not really about james assist ratio or goals scored.. There are players who acore the goals dat matter and create world class assist out of ...
Lol.. barcelona just poured their whole anger and took it out on Deportivo... damn..
Well I'm guessing euro 2016, olympics, copa america won't have any decision making edge... Cos Portugal suck, at this point its beyond Ronaldo to save them...
2 weeks ago
@Malik stop fooling yourself by believing Real Madrid is in the Semi finals of the UCL for the 6th year in a row by Luck.. that sounds stupid. Everybody knows...
This could have been an amazing season had we had zidane from the start or at least kept Ancelotti thank you benitez for ruining a possible stellar season for ...
I haven't seen that lad, the Man United fan.. who came here to brag about MSN, saying there was nothing we could do to defeat MSN, the best attack force ever!! ...
I don't like real madrid's chances... i still don't think we will win (i hope we do).. but i am actually happy the point different went from 13 to 1 in just a...
Yh i do too... lol.
I am guessing its luck that made barcelona loose against Real Madrid and sociedad in the league as well.. becos luck seems to go madrids way.. man, even barca ...
With De bruyne back, its a bad time tobe playing City and cnsidering they've never played the finals, they will be at their best just to win it.. honestly, i w...
Honestly, I have been wondering why benitez never gave the lad a chance.. i have concluded maybe he was under pressure to play james and isco or, he was just p...
3 weeks ago
Ramos didn't do jack s**t... he was ghost mode my friend.. watch most of the tackles, you will see casemiro pretty much did the defending all alone.. Even pep...
I am really not hoping for a madrid derby final.. but i pray atletico just destroys barca tomorrow and not let them break this record of back to back..
Nah come on guys, this is not a big game... ...Ronaldo just managed a hat trick against small wolfsburg. he doesn't have it in him to perform in big matches. t...
@Undecima why would you want us to get rid of BBC i was personally not a fan of benzema, because he barely scored goals, but for someone who has been injured f...
YH...says the ppl that bought Van persie for a stupid amount, Bastein who is washed up with huge salary and yet still play with carrick, young and rooney... all...
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