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There is always room for marco reus.. anyday, anytime how many players have we said there is no room for and yet we sign them and they are in the first team
15 hours ago
@Red1 Argh.. you just had to
16 hours ago
Pejvl disappointed.. you didn't include illarramendi. he is only 24 :) oh and Casemiro is only 22 as well
20 hours ago
Honestly, i didn't want to say it before "someone" will say i'm always negative even when we are winning.. without modric it won't be easy for us against the e...
2 days ago
Lol @ neuer reads the game very well i didn't see him reading the game during the trashing we were ditching them in the semi finals last season.. hell, he cou...
Honestly, any of this teams can beat us, but we will destroy majority of them i would avoid any premiership team on that list for some reason; i have a bad fee...
1 week ago
Illarramendi is ok.. Khedira is a lost case.. you lots worry a lot. Real Madrid will be fine
Illarramendi actually surprised me... he played really well but ronaldo is obv the man of the match; at least for his hat trick Bale and benzema.. WTF
You can't agree more... if neuer was the one in United with this defense, he will be an open bracket.. yet ppl think neuer deserves to be in top 3 of the ball...
2 weeks ago
Now i am comfortable with our striking options ... our No. 1 finisher has returned though our opponent last night were not much of a test, i think gradually Je...
@DaGaza, its either on the receipt or you have to go to where you purchased it to get the code
Finally!!! a striker fit to play.. I just hope for him to still be the player we have always known he would be; we know how injury affects ppl careers.. And ...
Dude... you have AFG/White/Great written allover you
3 weeks ago
Lol just went on Ludogorets page on here and looked at the comments from liverpool fans 3 months ago.. Lmao i bet this is how majority of them felt then, bu no...
Ohh PEDMAR... WHY!!! WHY!!! you should have left me to feed him back his ignorance the way i would have wanted - you are talking about playing in a league whe...
Firstly, Like i said last yr before the awards. bayen munich had a fantastic team; though some of their players did better than the others, their success was b...
honestly, James rodriguez has been playing really well, a bit better than many expected of him; including me. I can tell you many ppl where arguing whether a ...
Veratti seems overrated to me; i could seriously be wrong, pogba on the other hand... speechless. but will be too expensive. gundagon, if not because of his ...
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