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Idk, i think jovetic is an aguero type of player.. the more reason he is often benched and excluded with excuse of injury... but we could have easily swapped j...
6 days ago
From their game last night.. it will take a miracle for them to beat barcelona..
I think Barcelona will easily work over bayern munich in the UCL... their injury woes are just unbearable; even their returning players seem to not have that f...
Pejvl... its like you get the point.. all those chicharitos goals were from positioning, anticipation; reading the game, alertness knowing when to make the ru...
1 week ago
In 2003, Neved Broke me down to tears, i cried so hard i was dehydrated :)... my white blood cells and anti bodies became so weak i was ill for days i even lost...
Players definitley leaving us this season: - Arbeloa, Coentrao, Khedira, Illarramendi, Casillas.. if i see any of them in the squad come next season... i will...
Pejvl.. not a good idea. .. lyon is not playing in a tough enough league so i don't see anyplayer coming from french league as potential world class i think f...
- Danilo is coming becos Arbeloa is gone.. not because he is coming to replace Carvajal - Illarramendi and Khedria are gone so its only reasonable we bring bac...
...i'm impressed with Chicharitos in the last 4 games.. but he really is not the number 9 the club needs... i would take him if we had no options. But i think ...
@Zizou5 1. Benzema getting credit for being a play maker?? i beg to differ ..i can't remember a club signing a striker/finisher to be a play maker.. i think ou...
... benzema is our no. 1 starting striker. even when he doesn't score, if chicharito is scoring in almost every game, i still can't get a grip of why benzema is...
2001-2002, 2006-2007, 2013-2014... this season will be special as well if we win the la liga and UCL..
Who can we sign to replace modric.. I think this should be our top priority this coming transfer window... - my pick will be pjanic or Martinez (if he is still ...
Can we have this type of spirited game for the rest of the season? ... if we do we can win both the league and Champions league.. I can't even pick a MOTM fro...
We were missing some pf oir key players, yet we handed it to atletico... before the game, I actually thought we were out after aeeing the line up.. - Ramos in m...
When I said finding a replacement for ageing modric is the key, real madrid are busy buying a 16 yr old player who will probably never play for us or rather any...
2 weeks ago
Ok... i expected better from the lads.. at least a 15-0 would have been a solid performance, with ronaldo scoring 12:)
1 month ago
Trust me, this is another shady deal by real madrid... with the quality of carvajal and still developing; i don't see any reason why real madrid should have th...
Hmm.. then i think i should adopt his strategy if it won us the long awaited 10th UCL title for over 11yrs...
Jeroen Have my joint.. you deserve it; considering I never share
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