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Yh right.. man utd will not make the top 4. man utd is easily a top 4 candidate this season as long as they solve their defensive problems which they will. bt...
1 hour ago
Lake... I used to live in wales cos I schooled in swansea uni :)... was there for 4 yrs till 2012
2 days ago
Andres... dude, actually ur argument makes no sense.. 1. you talk about la liga teams loosing their best players.. same s**t happens in every league.. e.g aft...
3 days ago
Maan, it seems like superman header is d new thingy now for strikers.. gomez goal just gave me a world cup flashback
Yes, di maria was so s**t in the game.. he didn't play well... the usual criticism, even when he is the only man who played a very good attacking role in the mi...
How the hell do i post my DF team
A less competitivre league?? Real Madrid, Atletico played the UCL finals Sevilla eon the Europs league... Regardless of this facts, EPL is not in any way bet...
1. football is not an individual game.. yes ronaldo can pull moments of brilliance single handedly but that can never occur through out a whole game; same for e...
1 week ago
Tomitako.. Thats not the logic... they are actually alright to buy.. sometimes they get you mpre points than even the attacking midfieders espeically those from...
Digz ... please i never said i'm not happy with kroos in our team.. i'm even more happy than any Real MAdrid fan, but seriously don't look at 25mil as a small ...
Pejvl.. i know man. i just can't help to feel that we will end up in thesame place each time.
We get it man.. you are a fan.. but 25mil is not cheap for a player with a yr left in his contract he was good and class but i still expect better from him.. t...
Did anyone notice rodriguez was missing most of the time?? ... i just saw no difference between him and ozil present in that team. i kee[ wondering why our man...
Ratboi83000 has a brain damage??
I think you will be safe with picking Fernandinho of man city.. he is a sure starter, not injury prone.. thouigh he can't get you assist, he will get you point...
Dude.. I am so scared though... all my players are in ligue 1. And the rest from dutch and south African league
Cjayzz thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
4 months ago
Cjayzz nominated Álvaro Morata (78') for Goal of the Week
6 months ago
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