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Damn my dreamfooty will be looking awesome tomorrow.. ronaldo and bale making me happy; dortmund disappointed me though
3 hours ago
Like I said before, any striker will start if they join madrid... benzema is just here becos perez is still the presido.. A striker who hasn't scored 2 goals ...
I didn't watch the game cos I lost track of time but from the commentary I read is was said that real madrid were shaky defensively and with their performance i...
Ok i keep wondering, we just let Casemiro go and yet we are too exposed in DM. is this not the opportunity we have been crying for him at the club?? How the he...
Lol.. DaGaza
2 days ago
Pejvl.. sorry man, but that point is balls. di maria threatening to leave every season 1. Perez has clearly been trying to get rid of everything mourinho on t...
I think he will go back to united, but definitely not next season. maybe in 2/3 seasons
3 days ago
Modric is a boss man... every time he plays, he reminds me of a great footballer, the foolowing match, he plays like another great.. - that pass was like pirlo...
Sometimes, you have to wonder if bemzema is ok.. he misses the easiest possible goals more than anyone but then, scores something quite difficult.. it can be co...
4 days ago
Lol you forget one thing.. our midfield is no more strong winning the ball back or rather defending so right now, real madrid can't afford to let their opponent...
Benzema Scored Real Madrids 1000th goal in all european Competition.. thts awesome.
Which through pass.. hardly did any of his passes turn out tangible mister.. majority of those through ball were intercepted or rather not completed.. ..Even al...
Xabi Alonso for Bayern Munich: Games: 2 Man of the Match: 2 Real Madrid since Alonso left: Played: 2 Lost: 2
No doubt we are going to finish high up the table as usual.. i think many fans are angry as to why we had to loose players that were so important to this new f...
5 days ago
Yes they played QPR, but you could see a lot of improvement and entire game control.. they played really well and won is the most important bit
Lol... when you see arda turan's goal you just hv to wonder, where is alonso or di maria cos those are the places they would cover and wait for a counter attack...
6 days ago
Man uniteds game was so awesome to watch.. I enjoyed every bit of it especially watching di maria. I slightly envy united now for having 4 players I really adm...
MementoMori nah bro, i still like his name - the link up man ..just let him link the bench and let other scores the goals he can't score
1 week ago
Busquet... seriously?? what ever happened to Gabi
Something tells me we will win tomorrow.. I hope it is right.. for some reason, I feel Rodriguez will be the star tomorrow; idk y
Cjayzz thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
5 months ago
Cjayzz nominated Álvaro Morata (78') for Goal of the Week
7 months ago
8 months ago
Cjayzz added new photos to Real madrid - The Men
3 years ago
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