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WhiteReloaded WhiteReboot TheWhites SirWhite Welcome back man... Again Don't disappear again
17 hours ago
SánchezAlexis Wow.... How is dis even close to comparison with murder. You are actually making too much of a deal out of the issue. He apologized, he did des...
Or hot..
I am actually looking forward to seeing Lucas silva play.. i think he is here as back up to ageing Modric... "i think" ..but i wonder if he will be able to do ...
I think Casemiro should stay one more year in porto.. or should play on loan in one of the big four leagues where he can be seen more and play in tougher games....
2 days ago
@Hikman i actually was indirectly talking to white to know his reason for long disappearance/absence.. not you i wasn't questioning his loyalty as a Madrid fa...
Realfan, If that's actually the reason, its not really enough. I joined footytube when I just got into uni. And I was even making comments and still watching...
3 days ago
Well, i will be the first to call out white/AFG Ozil went to arsenal and we suddenly stopped seing him here... :S ...is he a madrid fan or Ozil fan. i waqnt t...
Https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=846650252147175&set=vb.338233632988842&type=2&theater Pogba.. why? did you have to make them look useless?
Nooo... Pedmar, you did mention we sell bale and i can properly recall how you continuously attacked him for selfish play... Bale is never going to bend over a...
4 days ago
Mario Gómez scored 2 goals for Fiorentina in copa Italia last week.... I. Didn't get points for them.. Does copa Italia not count or what?
@Pejvl i wish some of this guys use footytube.. if johan cyruff saw your comment, he will then know how stupid he always sounds
1 week ago
Rodriguez had a good year at the nworld cup.. and since joining madrid, he has even become a better player. but as for being a star in monaco, he really wasn't...
2 weeks ago
When i said we should rather be focusing on a 2nd luka modric signing or even better, we are busy playing around the transfer window trying to grab a 16 yr old ...
@St1or.. obv, it seems reopening the votes would look like to favour ronaldo.. though, i believe the B D'Or has lost its credibility; esp since the yr 2010, i ...
Is this still about madrid?? is this still the madrid forum.. please take this take this discussion of that old attention seeking man out of our forum
Though i feel for De Gea, not being in the list... united were poor last season, and that really affected his chances of taking part in the world cup too.. but...
Www.thesportbible.com/pictures/awful-statue-of-cristiano-ronaldo lol.. i doubt this actually looks like ronaldo.. more like Joe Hart
1 month ago
There is always room for marco reus.. anyday, anytime how many players have we said there is no room for and yet we sign them and they are in the first team
@Red1 Argh.. you just had to
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