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@fingers... yh, but his centerbacks always create more passes and have the highest passing accuracy than any other team. whether its in the opponents half or ...
9 hours ago
Well knowing Pep.. i know what he will be bringing. it just might be worse than today if you guys keep passing for 20 minutes in ur own half ...we just might al...
18 hours ago
Exactly realfan.. and it worked... why did it not work for us when mourinho was our coach?? now this is where i find fault with some of our players for clearly...
Hikman serioudly, you have to bring MadBro as an example... the dude is Mad Bro..
@Realfan yh right... like class wins you titles. i am very happy for mourinho and his boyz. 2 d end of the day, he is well on his way to a UCL finals. i rea...
19 hours ago
0-0.. i wonder who is the smart one now
Ok, SA, you're the man.. @dis stage of the UCL, play a beautiful football like wenger tries to do each week at arsenal and loose carelessly.. At the end of the...
Thts some comment..
Wouldn't you rather win the trophy by playing rubbish than playing a beautiful game and ending up with nothing.. no hazard, oscar (on bench), ivanovic missing....
20 hours ago
You have no idea
21 hours ago
Realfan... please laugh; you forget who their manager is.. if he need just 2 goals to win, he can get it. he is the master tactician. and asides torres, i think...
Well Malik Moyes just got sacked.. ... this season, i finally believe that changing manager drasitcally changes everything and its cos of united and barcelona ...
22 hours ago
We ate the return of Alonso, new midfield strategy (esp di maria as center midfielder), no more unnecessary or drastic rotation of defense, jese (whom we seriou...
Well, IMO... The only thing we have to do to beat bayern is do exactly what we've been doing all season - BBC need to be very dorminant and tactical; pass on...
@SA.... I never said Bale is a flop, anyone who remotely thinks that is a dumbass. But fact is had we concluded his signing earlier, had he been fit most of the...
- we had a lot of changes to this team prior to and during the start of this season; we lost higuain, Ozil, Callejon.... and a few others - Bale our biggest si...
1 day ago
Please allow gargola to speak.. he is very wise
3 days ago
Ronaldo looks like the Godfather
5 days ago
If we had neymar, we would have benched him enough times if he keeps diving, but saying he is under performing and not a great player is absurd.. he is pretty g...
Cjayzz thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
Seriously.. i knew they will come for him
6 days ago
2 weeks ago
Cjayzz nominated Álvaro Morata (78') for Goal of the Week
3 weeks ago
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Cjayzz added new photos to Real madrid - The Men
2 years ago
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