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Like I always said... despite my hatred for Barcelona, iniesta is the best midfielder I have seen after zidane.. at least during d last 7 yrs. He has that thing...
10 hours ago
If that is not sarcasm (i would except considering ur love for the dude) ...please post a link to prove it. that will be really funny
19 hours ago
Vine.co/v/hXd222HYl5e what a beauty
Varane will play... but not start. i actually will prefer a pepe and varane partnership, but ramos missing el classico while fit will; the newspapers and media...
This El Classico is going to be the most expensive team of all time i mean on Madrid side Bale, Ronaldo, Rodriguez.. On Barcelona's side Neymar, Messi, Suarez...
2 days ago
Ok... but we don't need a mod just becos of Dhockey :) ..or is this about Dhockey? i think the madrid forum is fine the way it is.. and if an idiot comes to sa...
4 days ago
@Realfan i don't want to be cocky but that team is even too strong for liverpool @ d moment i'm pretty much only concerned about Steven Gerrard, cos he just m...
@Chelo no offence man... nothing against Rodriguez but i really remember di maria in his last season at benfica which i believe is his age on par with rodrigue...
Sometimes, you lots see assist as some epic work.. benzema has created some decent assist but serious, the dude is a striker.. why not break it down to goal ra...
1 week ago
@Hikman.. i hope that is a world holiday. i will get fat immediately
I actually feel di maria knew madrid will never give him the huge wages he was demanding and he capitalised on it so as to leave the club. one will conclude he...
@Asasiyun nobody said spains problem is IKer Casillas.. but he clearly has done all he can, he should be replaced if necessary had spain gone to the world cup...
Honestly, I have to agree with the 83% whom voted for de gea over iker. Its sad as a madrid fan but I feel casillas has passed his best. He will always make th...
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Honestly, if you check the histroy of arsenal players and their injury, its shocking.. i really think they should check their traning patterns, their physio.. ...
JRaty and seriously, you do see toni kroos making more back passes than going forward.. yes having possession is worthless when you do absolutely nothing with...
The movement of the players yesterday was just awesome to watch... I don't know, but I just felt bilbao didn't show up at all.. they were disappointing in all...
RealFan, you forget Valencia is strong this season.. And i'm pretty sure they are topping the table at 2nd place Atletico lost 3 good players, but i think the...
Https://www.facebook.com/SPORTbible/photos/a.338257439653128.1073741828.338233632988842/641509659327903/?type=1&theater some inspiring picture.. i love it
3 weeks ago
..and here they go again. some of the most unnecessary arguments to be discussed when are you guys going to get tired of trying to make ronaldo or messi look ...
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