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Why not just join footyroom
2 months ago
We should just form our own website :D
3 months ago
Lol... lmao.. this is the price we pay for years of poor transfer windows. it coming back to hunt us now.. can't say it is a surprise, can't say it is not eith...
We all saw it coming... i think its pretty much why any Madrid fan is truly bothered..
We babdly need a lethal forward and a solid centre back. At this point, I will take any average striker out there over what we have in front of goal... We are...
4 months ago
As much as I like mourinho.. he needs to learn to manage himself before managing a team. His relationship with a few players has if not ruined his reputation, ...
5 months ago
Honestly speaking, its not like Ole changed anything much on the line up. Its the midset of the players. its is very obvious they have been playing s**t just to...
To be fair, its not like we don't have the attacking midfielder(s) you are calling for - i suppose those are Asensio and Isco's natural positions... but we nev...
After watching that game, we should best figure out how to get marcelo coming into the midfield, bale playing on the left and Rodrygo, Mayoral or Mariano playin...
We keep screaming our attack is not doing well.. when we all know we are missing a beast upfront. Honestly, at this point in CR7's career a change was needed f...
6 months ago
Lopetegui was the worst signing we've ever made..what an embarrassment We could easily be topping everything right now had we gotten a manager with football IQ...
@S@killinit you are right... its not necessarily CR7 absence we suffer, we are suffering from creativity. Over the years, we have learnt to play without creat...
First, I don't get why everyone is giving mourinho a tough time and believing he has nothing more to offer. I really think its unfair to judge Jose based on hi...
7 months ago
Please, as a professional footballer, Ronaldo made the best decision to leave the club. Literally nothing left for him to prove to himself or the world that he ...
Ramos wasn't terrible simply becos he was one of the 3 players actually moving.. the rest could simply have stayed at home, they were clueless... Ramos made de...
LOL... They will finally sack that man... damn, that was just unbearable to watch; i couldn't stay away from watching my team.. i just couldn't... Ramos, Marc...
So when Lope (whatever).. gets the boot today after El Classio, who is the best option to replace this looser.. ..I suggest the fans create a movement to beg Z...
We've lost already... for the first time in yrs in 4ever, i will deliberately miss an El Classico match; this is really not the real madrid i should be watchin...
For everyone who was saying s**t about C.Ronaldo.. well done. This is the effect of his absence. I know no player in this generation can replace him for us, bu...
8 months ago
As much as i love both of them, they both just need to get their s**t together and be professionals. but well, united will loose more if they let mourinho go r...
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