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Like i said, i have a good feeling.. or rather would you prefer, i have a bad feeling?? or a negative scoreline
3 hours ago
We are not good at getting huge numbers away.. but i have a good feeling about this one.. - Chicarito to score 2 goals - Ronaldo to score 1 and assist 2 - isco...
6 hours ago
@Realfan you have Messi and ronaldo on your team and your attack is so loaded man; jealous
Who wants to bet? Suarez will score more goals than Benzema this season :)
Franky4finger keep deceiving urself.. i'll forget the messi vs ronaldo debate because over the years, i have learnt that this 2 are not even human beings but...
1 day ago
Well if you guys were talking about a complete attacking squad... we are far better than barca in that aspect. i mean completely better than them.. all our midf...
2 days ago
Lol... seriously? you think we have a better attack than they do? well, i know Suarez has not featured yet for barca; but he will get an automatic starting sp...
Zeke, Really, one or two moments of brilliance? ..bale has been so good, everybody has off games just like he did in the last game.. And clearly, you fail to...
Actually, our defence looked very shaky especially varane, he looks really rusty. I saw a couple of mistakes from him and ramos that coould have left us thinkin...
3 days ago
I agree realfan... but seriously - give benzema away for free - sell jese with a good deal on hia buy back clause, that way he will perform better - make rona...
1. Lassana diarra is out of contract after leaving his russian club... I wonder why we jst let this dude go and now we have to do with €30mil euro illarrame...
4 days ago
Who is hungry.. I'm craving pizza and beer right now. Chilled back friday
As long as bale gets all the assist and scores, I am fine Ronaldo should score at least 2 goals..
Why cant i make a final signing.. i have made 3 but it doesn't let me do the 4th
5 days ago
Lol @Realfan, pls don't make me laugh with the whole khedira thingy. Trust me, he is worse than any player in our CM role.. The problem we have is we fail to r...
6 days ago
Dude if i were you, i would sell my 2 subs and a player and buy ronaldo along side messi sell huntelaar, KDB and Howeded and buy ronaldo if the cash is enough
1 week ago
@Malik.. 4th-25th?? really. i think i have falling into that category twice but i didn't get sh*t I'm 4 places behind you though @Malik I'm prob going to end u...
Realfan.. Still missing the point. I am talking about stability in the centre midfield role which we clearly lack from di maria and alonso departure.. In the ...
Why cant we rather start isco in the midfield, the dude wina alot of balls... juat from the minute he entered the game he was like a work horse till the end, ...
Cjayzz thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
5 months ago
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