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If you think oil money is the only thing making the PL competitive, then you're an idiot
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Wow, judging by the performance votes, there are a lot of butthurt Arsenal fans. XD No disrespect to the visitors though. What Wenger has done with this side...
The penalty was soft, but I wouldn't label it diving. I think he was nicked just enough to lose balance at full stride. Milner has never been known to take th...
Arabic. Don't know why but Arabic speaking commentators scream into the mic for 90 minutes.
Love how this fixture is becoming one of Europe's best. Bayern are just unstoppable.
It's the University of Michigan, not Michigan University.
I'm really not sure whose goal was better, Ronaldo's vs. Galatasaray or Weiss's here
Lawd have mercy! What a goal from our midfield monster. Love the Euro away kits as well.
You people are taking this preseason bull@*#& too seriously
Its a pick-and-roll....
What was Malaga doing on Dortmund's second goal?! Their entire defense watched the ball sail over their heads. Turrible, just turrible. Glad to see Dortmund ...
I love how United loses two games and all the sudden everyone talks like they suck. Man U have a kickass squad, there's no denying that
I don't think the UCL is that accurate of a barometer of each league's teams. It's tournament style so chance plays such a large role that it distorts the resu...
When the spine of the team-Kompany, Yaya, Silva, Aguero-is healthy and in form, City ranks up there with the best teams in Europe. Maybe if we add 1-2 top clas...
Who needs another striker when you've got a player like Bale. Outstanding.
2 years ago
You can't just run straight at a player at full steam with the ball and not expect to get tackled hard. Wilshere drew the foul.
Milner deserves to start ahead of Nasri for every game....
How did Benfica not get a goal in that game. Too many clear chances
Milner is so underutilized. I'd rather see him play than Nasri almost any day.
Milner is so underutilized. I'd rather see him play than Nasri almost any day.
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