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Aatir (Atir)
I love hunting, fishing and football. So every day I want do hunting fishing and football all day every day! When I go hunting I enjoy hunting rabbits, pheasants, quail, ducks, t ...
Alexx1 (Alejandro) USA
Blackberry PIN: 21dc0759. The City hate is partially understandable in the sense that no one likes a bully buying its way to the top. It's also very naive, because let's face ...
Ant (Anthony Scally) from Wellington, New Zealand
Anton (Antony Kafetzis) Cyprus
Currently at University Of Nicosia trying to get a bachlor of science for Computer Engineer. Been playing football since i can remember and addicted to fifa. unfortunatly my PS3 br ...
Balotelli45 (Bilal Pietinho) African Jungle
Blueheart (Blues)
From malaysia living in manchester
BlueMoon420 (Kyle)
Booba (BIGGIE) from CAIRO, Poland
Google on @Biggiebeil
I moved to Miami when I was 4. I still speak French, I refuse to lose it. I visit my family in Paris when I can. I like to just hang out with friends. I go to Miami University. I h ...
Codes24 (Cody) from Vancouver, Canada
Follow me on twitter @codes24
Hello guys,my name is Bryan!I support Manchester United as my favorite team,been supporting united since I was only 6!I am not a glory hunter,and will support United no matter what ...
Crisna14 (Cris'Na)
Dgrant117 (Darren Grant) United States
University student in the USA studying Criminal Justice, currently a fourth year student. Been a United supporter since I was 12 years old, the first match that drew me in, was ...
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