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10 months ago
Dammit Belgium, pull it together! I've got a fair bit of money riding on you in the World Cup haha..
1 year ago
I didn't get a chance to watch this game. Did Giroud get to play at all? I freaking love that guy.
From a Barca fan... Ronaldo is freaking in form right now. Give the man a Ballon D'or.
God, Ramsey has been top class these last few months! So fun to watch him do his work
Oh man. Suarez and his World Cup antics...
Oh my God. This is why I despise Pepe.
I feel bad for Kagawa... Wasting away at this point :/
Hahahahaha That commentator.. "gologololgolgolgolg!"hahaha
Kaka!!! How I've missed seeing the man play..
That stadium was empty...? O.O
Geez. Stoke's goalkeeper played SUPERB!
Oh my word. Adriano. You are an animal!! Love watching these two play. Well done. Hope to see Atletico become more and more of an asserting force in La Liga.
2 years ago
You can't help but just love Kaka. Pure class.
Great game all around. Giroud's goal looked fantastic! I can't help but be a little biased in saying this, but I really think Arsenal has the potential to grow ...
That awkward moment when you score against your old club...
The Dutch are animals...
In all honesty, BvB is one of the most entertaining teams to watch. Stellar match for them!
The f**k..? Arsenal, you guys have made me be an emotional roller coaster this whole season! Winning big games, losing easier ones... Why do you do this to me?
It was scrappy, but you can't help but applaud that come back. Well done mates.
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