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4 years ago
Although I'm an Arsenal supporter, the penalty was easy awarded....apart from this, the match wasn't impressive, and Arsenal fans are right: we need a star play...
Hi! It was just a friendly, don't be quick to judge. And a League title is won against smaller teams, big results once in a blue moon doesn't help you reach fir...
Hey, you made me laugh :) Nutella and bread is my favourite. But tonight when I look at the highlight I eat tomatoes and chesse and olives :) good luck and it w...
5 years ago
Super Bale! One of a kind player. Confirmation also comes from UEFA, which included him in the 2011 eleven team. Also Balotelli stump wasn't so bad. If the FA ...
6 years ago
One of the finest Counter-Attacks I seen lately :) Guess Mourinho took notes on this :D
Seen now the link, you're right, it was, and what an awful penalty that is, also red card. But I tell frankly, in the replays during the match, didn't quite loo...
I don't know what kind of people are writing comments in here, but in this resume I saw only one team on the pith, and that was Chelsea. Liverbird very very luc...
Beautiful match. Will go straight to my phone as MP4. It's long time since I haven't seen such a good football match!!!
IMO, the best moment was Balotelli celebrations. One of a kind, this man :)
Just look at 0:46 how Messi stops the ball at it feet. Not a single centimeter left or right. Not too often you see this on the football pitch. Simply brilliant...
Hey guys, check this video : It clearly shows how Pique bodycheck CR7 which then fall onto a running Mascherano. It ...
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I think Mourinho is speaking the truth when he say is the same boss. I don't remember Messi swithing sides with Real Madrid, so why the next matches should be a...
I think some also look at footbal with half of an eye only. They admire Messi but they will never know how hard it is to be like him. Messi is divine, is pure m...
Im not a fan of Barca, none at all. I even like RM, but that was before Mourinho. When you get 11 guys on the field just to box with Barca boys, why u ever come...
Hello! My opinion is this : Jose Mourinho is a great coach, top 3 at least. But he has a dark side and this is to provoke debate and gas smoke around his oppone...
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