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Just singing the BLUES
Winger24 remembered. Sucks being wrong so much
Chiellini didn't bring him down though. He just put his arm up. It looks even as if he might beat Ronaldo to the ball. Chiellini isn't a slouch after all. I say...
It's true about Juve. It shouldn't have been a red card for Chiellini. Ruined the game after that. Spain needs the refs out of England so they will let infringe...
@Pukaki I feel that @MattJosh was saying he doesn't like David Luiz because he is given a great opportunity to play for a great club and regardless of the decis...
@Reddevilz306 yes it was unprofessional for David Luiz to go down with a grin on his face, but is it more unprofessional then lashing out at a player? No sir it...
As a liverpool fan i kind of think it should have counted. Yes it is a foul if the keeper is fouled from getting the ball in the box, but i don't really think h...
Sounds familiar to another team that played yesterday
Man lets face it Madrid sucked just as much as Barcelona did yesterday. The only reason Madrid scored is because of a fluke from Dortmund's defense. Terrible di...
Would love to be a fly on the wall in that City dressing room
Thought the penalty was a bit harsh, but love to see Lazio lose
5 years ago
@Andrewlindsay I was completely thinking that as well. Too funny
I'm confused on the Rooney decision as well, but how many times has he put a questionable team out on the pitch and come out with a win. The man is a tactical g...
To be fair, Man U couldn't score before it either. The red looked as if it ignited something in the Man U players. I can respect they were upset after the game,...
Somewhere on FootyTube
The intended intent to induct replay technology in the game is for goal decisions alone. Not for fouls. To be honest though it was the right call. The intent ma...
Wow Someone, probably a fake account. His race doesn't have anything to do with the call. Your a bit of a child and there is no need for this here.
@Lutheaven funniest thing i've heard on here @Seanf24 yo man what is up with the novel you have going on.
To be honest though Chelsea had it way worse. I'm not a Chelsea fan, but even i was like WTF refs are you serious. Similar to the Nani decision.
That a way to be behind your team and call yourself a true Arsenal fan
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