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4 years ago
Mate, I'm an Arsenal fan and even I think it was lucky
Liverpool are looking deadly this year! Really hope they stay in the top 4 till the end, I'd love to see them in the Champions League again.
£90,000,000 investment VS £0 - Wenger, you're doing it right!
LOL Speak for your own team mate
No it isn't. I'm British and I've heard it been said a million times
5 years ago
The fact that video refereeing hasn't been introduced still baffles me. It's simple technology that every other sport uses, and it ensures that rules are played...
To be fair footytube are probably getting into a fair bit of trouble providing highlights of matches they don't have a licence for. It would be nice if they c...
6 years ago
Unbelievable tekkerz
SUAREZ IS AN ABSOLUTE BEAST! Liverpool had better thank the heavens that they have him, because he's the only one on that team that knows how to hit the target!...
It was a very unlucky game for Everton, that goal that was called for offside definitely wasn't.
Lol you chelsea fans shouldn't get too excited by torres' goals. They were mediocre goals against a championship team. I would like to see him one day regain th...
That first goal was insane!
User Name: ChaosStriker Team: Barcelona says it all doesn't it?
Even though I didn't understand a word he said, that was the most biased commentating I've ever heard in my life. Well done you blues!
That goalkeeper is awful!
Can't believe people are voting that Liverpool were rubbish. They played a lot better and pressed a lot harder up the field than Arsenal did. They were just unl...
Unlucky Norwich! They still played very well, much respect!
Let's just pray that Arsenal can score 5 against Milan!
Awful match and an awful season. What the hell is it about Arsenal players that makes them so damn injury prone? I can't remember the last time we had a full sq...
Even though I'm an Arsenal fan, I'm still a big fan of Harry Rednapp and love watching Spurs play. They're extremely fluid and I just wish Arsenal could produce...
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