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Exactly! lets get this rolling!
5 years ago
2 cools for you mate:D cya around this awesome site mate and good luck with Liverpool and the Royals this season. Cheers:D
Haha His touch was a bit off. Was hoping to be impressed knowing he's trying to show well for a part of Rodger's plan.
Don't exactly agree with you about the new kits. Cream numbers on a white background makes it awfully hard to see who is who. The stripes also do come off a bit...
6 years ago
Great game, atmosphere, and fan turn out in Jacksonville on Saturday Night. Surprised to see that many fans in a US friendly that wasn't being played against a ...
Even cute-er.... a bugs bunny avatar...
That would be a weak excuse for their recent performances. FA has screwed a few teams this year, just add spurs to the list.
Friedel is in his forties and at the end of his long career, of course he's a bit slower... if that comment is in response to the free kick, I don't think any ...
UPDATE: Bladecatcher has believable predictions...
Yeah Royals! We are finally back!
Silva's goal was class.
I agree. Shelvey also in my opinion hasn't yet shown himself as a starter at all. Was surprised and disappointed he got the nod on Sunday. Lucas is being sorel...
I was very surprised as well by Moyes' decision. i understand the value of resting players for the FC Cup match this weekend, but not during the merseyside derb...
I feel as frustrated as you, but I'm placing my blame towards the numerous signings we had that absolutely flopped. Call em out... Carrol, Henderson, Adams, Dow...
Thats a dumb argument considering messi's acclaim comes solely from club play. When he wins a single WC then we can talk IMO He is the best right now I believe...
Part of being a "professional" is handling media attention and pressure surrounding big fixtures. Poor excuse for getting routed.
5 arsenal supporters in denial
Maybe towards retirement :)
Hard to tell if it was a lack of faith or just excitement as a manager for the pieces coming together so to speak. I believe AVB is a capable manager that alrea...
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