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One Cool vote for you! Greetings!
Cheers Mamor2007! Bon appétit!
I agree with you Alfrodo, I found the same rule on my book; Law 12 XII Fouls and Misconduct ... Indirect Free Kick ... An indirect free kick is awarded to th...
I found this on my Ref's Book; Law 12 XII Fouls and Misconduct ... Indirect Free Kick ... An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a go...
This time I need to have the guts to come back on what I wrote... I found this on my Ref's Book; Law 12 XII Fouls and Misconduct ... Indirect Free Kick ...
@Dre10; lol! Everything is cool, feel free to play! @Colemorgan426; Impresive lowers, good chance on your career! Anyways I repeat, soccer or football that w...
STFU! What can we expect from someone who thinks that the game is called soccer, what can Colemorgan knows about FOOTBALL? If that.. "Rule" is broken, in OUR sp...
Ref's performance was awful, agree. But I can't see how women's football is at a disadvantage.. Stay focused on Her performance. Yesterday she gave US the chanc...
@Daniel4ing; Are you blind? Not been tested? Without the ref, Brazilian players were back with their clubs already! Honduras was kicking their aSses with 10 men...
Player of the game= The ref!
Funny, a few days ago, Brazil (M) had the same gift against Honduras.
I agree, but I'm not that confident.. Japan will be hard, I can even say that it's gonna be harder to beat Japan than Brazil.
Brazil= Lucky, Lucky.. LUCKY! Red card+ Penalty= Shame on you to win like that! Honduras, much Respect guys!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Ehy, Luis... Booo!
Argentina's strikers are quite better than Mexican's, but Mexican's defenders are QUITE better then the ones playing for Argentina.
6 years ago
Don't you remember Gio making fun of the entire US defenders and Howards with a "chip" of a kind, fool? You have a Short memory for a "Jedi"!
Pato missed one open net, Chicarito as well missed a face to face with Rafael, a great one-two with DeNigris wasted by Hernandez.
We are actually having better performances playing 4-4-1-1, I would love to see Peralta and De Nigris playing together. Chicharo wasn't great. I agree with you,...
Luck was on their side? Or actually the first time that the ref was NOT on YOUR side...
This was a really hard game, Wigan did just great and deserved to win. Great defending and nice goal!
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