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I want to see the whole game any links to that?
5 years ago
I got home from school 0-2 left to work 0-4 checked my phone at work constantly im mad i missed this game
I enjoy watching Swansea play ... great football
What a troll lol
6 years ago
What a troll
If ramsey had finishing he would be a badass player
That Final header from hart made jump off my seat lol this is the only time i was rooting for City
Bielsa/Bilbao's game is just amazing to watch
Idk if these guys ^^ actually watched the game but the way Bielsa has Bilbao playing is just fun to watch they play as a team and arent really dependent of one ...
Im liking Rosickys second wind he turned his form around even if he missed he has a dif attitude
Swansea play great football
My dad had already screamed out Welbecks goal lmao.... i hope United can hold of the lead i just cant picture City winning it
Idk why but that Walcott goal gave me the chills (our 4th)... Great game by every one today
Nice to see Ryo finally getting some action... ive been dying to see him play
Ive never felt so embarrassed in my life i havent been my self after seeing this... ps. ive always liked Milan n they were pure class on weds
Osasuna was just lethal in front of the goal it was amazing however Barcelona wasnt Rubbish you cant win em all they are still the most dominant force in the ga...
Watched this game hung over with 3hrs of sleep game was on @ 9am ... being a Gunner @ Chicago is great when u wake up to a game like this.. very frustrating whe...
We lack depth n they bring in thomas eisfeld for the "Future" f**k the future lets clinche the 4th spot or else their isnt going to be much of a future... Its H...
Valencia is a beast!
I Can See this Goal all Day sometimes i wondered what would of happened if he never left... this game made me late for work but it was worth it Go ARSENAL!!!
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