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Cheshire wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Double standards? There's nothing double standard at all about it. Approving an image is a case where the media ask, and he gives permission. Being stalked b...
4 years ago
The red card was rubbish - ANY movement towards the ball would have resulted in contact with Robben, who was NOT in control of the ball yet. Penalty, maybe - Bu...
Mourinho actually seems a bit rattled, which is odd considering how well the club is doing in general. I get the impression he feels he doesn't enjoy the same s...
First goal was fantastic - City really opened Chelsea up nicely without really having more bodies around. Second goal looked offside. Really not much between...
Fellow United fans rate that as awesome? Seriously? Any game where the team gets less than 10 shots on goal is far from awesome. The only positives for United ...
Pranav91 - Mate, I watched the match, and it was woeful - Primarily on how Moyes deployed his attacking players. Until now you could say he's had issue with i...
Have to agree that Hernandez wasn't trying to pass to Young at all - I'm just glad he had the swift wits to leave it once he'd lost it.
What a demolition job - Winning by 5 away to Leverkusen is no mean feat.
If Arsenal can find a better striker, they may regain the fear factor they've lacked for years now. Giroud isn't sharp enough to strike fear into any defense ou...
Cheshire updated his profile
Without drama? I'd call the ref not giving that penalty pretty dramatic. Was hoping for a game with no controversial calls at all.
Cheshire gave the Sunderland v Manchester United video a rating of 5
Cheshire gave the UD Levante Valencia v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
Not a fan of Ozil... He's miles ahead of anyone we have in midfield, arguably Germany's best player.
If anyone needed an example as to why some commentators state that Walcott doesn't have a footballer's brain, just watch @ 3:58. He has multiple players with mi...
People are unduly being harsh rating Japan as rubbish in that game. They may have been outplayed, but they also managed to get more shots on goal than Brazil, a...
5 years ago
It's nuts - Do they honestly consider that 'awesome'. 'Embarassing' would have been a better option. Great club, awful performance.
Appears there are at least 1074 idiots voting today... Honestly, no Real Madrid fan should consider that an 'Awesome' display. Madrid are a great club, and yo...
Was thinking something similar - More specifically along the lines of 'Is Guardiola going to improve Bayern, or risk breaking up a team that is arguably playing...
Congratulations to Chelsea - That Mata/Ba goal was a freakish piece of skill!
Well said - As an older football fan, the childish vitriol that dominates Internet football forums really gets tedious. Nice to see fans of rival clubs actually...
I feel sorry for people stupid enough to make sweeping generalisations about the fans of a specific football club as though they all think and act the same way....
Wow - I'd not seen that old incident with Mourinho... He's got a screws loose.
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