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Band wagon supporters who know nothing of their club's history. I also hate fans who claim to support many clubs at once. I follow more than one club, but I only SUPPORT Liverpool!
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That's a great old photo! Is it Ray Kennedy, Terry McDermott and Emlyn Hughes? Or is it Graeme Souness in the middle?
3 years ago
I must say that if there were a team to knock us out of the top 4, I would quite fancy it to be Tottenham. Well done.
From a Liverpool supporter I wish Fulham the best of luck. Please, please win the trophy. All of England (except perhaps some parts of London) are supporting yo...
Good. We don't need glory hunters like you. Supporting a club does not involve abandoning them when times are dark.
And if you don't spell properly, how can you be intelligent?
4 years ago
First of all, we don't need a forward who plays "the way Torres does." In fact, we need someone who doesn't do that. They would just get in the way of one anoth...
You lads must not be watching Liverpool. Torres has done well, but Gerrard is definitely not in his top form. If there is anyone who has consistently performed ...
Phill, yes, that sounds amazing. I think it would be one of the best back lines in the EPL. Pandev is a great footballer, but I think we already have three gre...
Am I the only one who feels Torres, even though he's absolutely pure class, is extremely injury prone and soft? Every match he seems to be limping around 70 min...
Suarez, what a gem. When Agger is healthy, I want to see Agger and Skrtel. It's their time. Just like Hyppia, a club legend, had to relinquish a starting place,...
If the only way you'll be a supporter is by winning trophies and buying expensive players, then we don't want you here. You're a bandwagon supporter, and you do...
We have a good centre half in Agger. No need to invest money.
Don't you know Liverpool supporters don't give a f*ck about the Sun? You should know better than to reference that piece of shite around us. All Liverpool suppo...
You've got one. That Shrek look-a-like.
Agreed, Apopper. Play Benayoun as much as possible.
I still don't understand the hate against Lucas. He performed well. We very rarely lost possession, he completed passes, and he tackled well. If anyone played p...
And you've sold your chance to stay up!
Giving criticism where it is due is one thing, but what you did was ridiculous. You're not a supporter. Get out of here and find some other club to glory hunt.
I agree. You have to say that neither Lucas or Mascherano (even though I think they've played extremely well in their own fashion this season) are suitable repl...
Haha I can see you're just trying to wind people up, but if not, get the F out of here. Blokes like you aren't welcome at LFC.
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