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Chelsea (cause they're sore losers),
Arsenal (cause when they win a few games you never hear the end of it...until Messi knocks in 4 :D),
Tottenham (fuck 'em),
Real Madrid (cause they don't understand that they can't buy teamwork and cause Mourinho keeps on hyping them up..not even 5-0 can shut him up!
Just for Fun (Midfielder)
Liverpool & Barca for life been supporting them since I was like 10, so no, I don't support Barca cause its trendy now!

As for Liverpool, things can only get better! Besides we have to give everyone else a chance right? :D

PS- REspect ma posse!
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5 years ago
I disliked Ramos before it was mainstream. :)
Well done Dortmund! It would be a shame if Real qualified after a rather apathetic performance (until the 83rd minute). Once again it is proven that money can't...
@muellerseleven it was an obvious illegal obstruction, not classy, but I can't believe 5 bloody refs missed it! @Reddevilz306 that would be a foul even in bask...
For all their troubles, Barca overachieved this season. Still more than likely to win the league even with all the defensive problems, so generally fans can't b...
Great display by Bayern simply wow, they would have won even if the referee DID have eyes in those sockets of his. With these performances its hard to see how t...
It was a combination of Sturrage's deadly left foot, Suarez's lethal head/face area and Jonjo's hideous face that got us a deserved point :)
Rafa= Mission.Complete.
Well played by both teams, malaga only have themselves to blame, 90 minutes of good organization only to throw it all away at the end. After the 2-1.they played...
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I thought Barca were very good in general, although PSG showed they are a team with individuals of great ability. Sadly they're not really a great collective a...
He "won" the penalty the same way 99% of strikers would
We all know Milan was not capable of knocking out Barca over 2 legs. The only reason they won the first match is to get a positive spin for Silvio's re-election...
Then mute it and play some Lady Gaga on youtube :) For more life advice please feel free to contact me.
Gareth Who?
Impressed with the way we took the game to Spurs early on, the whole front 4 working really well today. I have to say I'm liking the new signings. Still quite l...
Overvalued not overrated
Footballers are grown men. Its time they started behaving as such. All I saw was Ferdinand shaking the ref's hand in the end. He seemed quite calm and understan...
Carlito Tevez for President!
Poor Manure :(
Manure have no friends in UEFA and its time they stopped blaming defeats on external factors. Its very unprofessional and in bad taste. Their sense of entitleme...
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