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Hey George thanks for the accepting mt friend request, only 2 more wins and the Ger's will be crowned champions for a World Record 54 times! I'm totally pumped!...
7 years ago
Hi Porge, I was reading that the longer your comments are the more fan evaluation you can get. Have you been watching the MLS? The Earthquakes and Galaxy lost ...
I was reading a soccer book and it said that the Chelsea manager is a billionaire and can buy whatever players he wants yet Ferguson is not the richest man in t...
Hi Mckenna, Did you know that you have a really good dream footy team nice work there doing great. November is almost here.....well kinda, but only a month away...
Hi George, Can't wait to see you guys in November!!!!
Hi i like yours also good luck!!
Hello Mr.Jones, welcome to footytube! P.S. I like your profile picture! :P
Exactly! You see Machester United have sooo many fans yet it seems that even though they get a giant crowd, they still fail to perform well. Chelsea on the othe...
Guess what George, Manchester United has 3 times as many fans as Chelsea! Woo Hoo!!!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Strait red card for Nigel, the referees job is to protect the players, but he failed to completed his duties.
WOOHOO! I'm this teams first fan!! I've never even heard of them.
Yay! I get first comment, how does this team have 1 fan? They should have zero, no one has ever heard of UC Albinoleffe
I thought his first goal was a cracker, his second was ok, I guess.
Somewhere on FootyTube
I think if they should do anything they should stop selling player and start buying them. THey sold enough players now they need to bring in some talent besides...
I'll also add that CArlos TEvez might get a spot in there as well.
I can see that you're a fan of the blues.
I really think that Fulham really did well today. They work there butts off on and off the ball, and made eachother look good, I really like the way they pushed...
6500, oh ya! THis game is way too easy.
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