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4 years ago
And mistakes has to be punished and forced .... I believe that called (football)... Stop Being bitter Arsenal Fans.. ;D
Mmmm I was ENhoyin this game... Great WiN For Real Sociedad..Watch and learn CitY... ;)
GooD Results for us .. Hope we win gains Man City again and keepin them in a depressing mood they R in Now
Arsenal Fans ALways talkin about our Riches,,Wont blame Ya U guys R so dry since Wooof i don't remember anymore ....KeeP Countin BB.. ;D
We Gonna BounCe Bk We Always Do ...CheslEaa Chelsea Chelseaa
HaZarD living Up to his Name ... WHaT A GReaT PlayeR ...Hope He KeePs Playin Like thIs AnD BeTTeR And Win The Ballon d'or One DaY...The Second Goal Was wooof Am...
We gOnna See About That ;)
From Whom Bolton looooool ;D
Thank U Liverpool .. I was enjoyin This Game .. Liverpool were on fire ...
Typical CHelsea he says bayern had 8 managers for that past 10 years .... hahaha
LOve It we played very well..defensively we were great..but still we giving away too many chances..etoo and torres had a 1 On 1 with the keeper and couldn't sco...
Sure It was a foul from Eto'o but Suarez lost the ball anyway penalty would've been a harsh decision..In My Opinion ...
But I hope that Mourinho stays and help us develop to the best team in Europe and I believe he can achieve that...
Man U fans never stops amusing me..we didnt play good this game hope we get better ,,we need to win every game from now On ,,specially against big teams,,Or we ...
Great to see Our Team Gettin Stronger In every Game...Keeep It UP BluesS... The One and Only LonDon European CHamPion CluB... ;D
Look He is IN TaaH...What A weird ass commentator ....
Yeah ,,he definitely deserved a chance ...more then Torres..Torres was tryin to hard and lost the ball so often...
Hav Faith My Son ,,, we started this season Oky ,, he still experimenting so he can find some Super Formation.. and im sure he will get there(hope soon) ...Coz ...
Well played Chelsea ,,its a plus for us and we gonna learn from this ,,, Keep It GoiN ...
What about pepe the king of all pricks ....
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