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We deserved it, we got a goal then played solid all game, by the time they came back we didn't have any substitution left,, that scrub Danilo was forced into pl...
3 months ago
Our only bad point was defending when we got our cheap goal, but that's how Atleti got into the finals, so they shouldn't complain, they where not able to play ...
Even the broadcasters where all for atleti.
So, Ronaldo scoring 60 goals and getting boos from the bernabeu, and the ungrateful fans deserve that ? LOOOL Hater. One more reason to hate, I guess.
Remember when we kept loosing against lyon and got trolled by everyone on this site ? Muahahahaha 11 Cups Every starter can take one home. Now we gotta get ...
Nope, Pepe has been great for this club, ain't no other player out there who will play as hard for this shirt. Pepe is needed in this team, he is a leader, a bi...
It was about f*****g time we won a freaking PK shoutout, I was scared as f**k when Ramos went to the line, I saw the meme's coming from all over the world again...
He was at Bayern longer than he has been at dortmund though. As for all those players leaving, no need to worry, they'll be back sooner or later like Sahin, Ka...
4 months ago
Better Call saul and tell him what ? that he plays for a pathetic club ? Cuz we ain't buying players from pathetico anytime soon.
Really easy why, when you go for the top of the goal with such power there is a pretty good chance it will end on the cross or above it, by going low the probab...
Not even Messi. Not sure how Messi would perform in this mess . That's why he is goatnaldo though. Don't know when we will have another galactico , he set the ...
Remember when Barca fans acted superior and classy and all, guess it only applies when you're winning trebles lmao. Smells like some butthurt catalans around h...
Https:// I know he has nothing to do with us, and I should probaby post that on the man utd tread, but you have to love Sir ...
Balance. Modric and Kroos are more complete and all around midfielders, Casemiro brings something that nobody else on our team can, you got the BBC upfront and...
Fatnaldo AKA Legendnaldo would still break all them fools tryin to defend him in 2 .
It's 3 actually
Much much better second half, our boys finaly showed some guts, we finaly pressed them and tried to go forward. Even our defense looked much improved and Pepe w...
Looks like Zizou found them words we finaly looking like wanting to play some ball, Marcelo actually made one of his trademarks run for the first time this game...
All in on Bale. If we're getting something tonight, it's with your speed gareth..
We're not presuring them., we're not attacking them, we're just sterile
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