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Ronaldo is better than Mel Gibson, he didn't wait for the british to come on his land, he went on british soil to conquer it, THE CONQUEROR, EL REY CR7 :D
That's what I initially tought but that would still be crazy right, especially knowing the game and it's value to both clubs, it's a great feet, and Messi shoul...
Zlatan, Suarez, Chivu, Vermaelen ? Well if this worked for all the clubs you wouldn't have had those players neither :P
Wrong on 50 % ? Isn't he the one who suggested what he did ? And if the other 50% didn't happen isn't it just because they got trashed at home so no point in do...
Chelo updated their profile
Wait what ? More info ?
I do play nice, don't playing nice would have been bashing him for what he did, but saying sorry afterwards doesn't neceserly change what you did before, nevert...
Lost your confidence much? Yeah, yeah really nice of you not running away and all that crap, but it doesn't change what you actually did, maybe we should invade...
Well someone needs to be blamed... it isn't going to be the coach he is a englishman, it isn't going to be their awful defense it's been there for quite some ti...
2 days ago
Never was; never will be!! Karim has always been amazing in what he offers to the team, even when not scoring, been saying this since O9/10!
Are we about to witness history in this second half ?!! come on Cristiano, we want that CL goalscoring record!!
Well then it'q up to us to make it as active as it was back in the days!! Still see some familiar names around se we still have some loyal faithfuls!!
Damn it s kind of dead around here what hapened to m'y fellow madridistas ?
James and Isco are really impressing me thus far. And James is a really good alternative to Bâle on the wings. The only bad thing about him is his price. Way b...
5 days ago
Not REALly funny...
5 months ago
Here is a stat of Real BEFORE Mourinho arrived => 5* in a row w/o going to the quarters of the CL. Mourinho is the one who destroyd Barca and Pep, we all shoul...
Coentrao has been one of the most underated players when ever he plays. i'd go for Coentrao, more solid, plus he will play in lisbon, in his own stadium he know...
Really kind of you to be all that nice with Pathetico, might aswell change and turn into one of their fans, personaly I don't give a damn about how much they'v ...
No it's Royal Madrid against Pathetico Madrid
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6 months ago
You could call it luck after one or two times but after so many times you don't have the right to call it luck anymore, it's called skill. Not many people at t...
9 months ago
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