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Gareth Bale is a freak of nature. " Bale is not worth 100 million according to Madrid fans.. " Can ANYONE get this s**t out of my sight, Gareth Bale is worth wh...
12 hours ago
2 months ago
Mourinho is the best coach in the world by a really large margin, we never played like animals, our players just gave their all for Mourinho. What i've noticed ...
3 months ago
Chelo is now friends with Jogafutebol
Because winning a cl isn't as simple as having the best players
Cjay please check Benzema's stats in the cl, youd be surprised 54 games played, 33 goals scored don't know how many assists but that's some great stats, actuall...
We win something almost every year, our league is full of quality, there are just 2 BIGGER teams, but teams like Atletico could/would/have trashed teams like C...
Just heard This deal migth have been planned for weeks... but since we where dealing for Bale with Tottenham Perez didn't wan't it to go public, Tottenham where...
It will teach them, they got 91M out of us for Bale, it's just justice we sell our not needed players to their rivals, but NOT ÖZIL, ÖZIL IS MADE FOR MADRID T...
I'm demanding Perez' head if he sells Özil right now, and no Decima will make me feel better! Özil is just class, our club is about class, no reason to sell h...
He would have been better at United or Spurps, would have had more chance at winning something, but I still can't believe it, it can't be true, he won't leave!!...
We've been at the door of the cl finals for 3 years straight, we are most of the time the favourites or one of them in the cl, we battle it out with one the gre...
Ozil is a CAM you already have good players at that position, you guys are fixing a problem you don't have!! Suarez would have been better for you guys, even to...
F*ck Perez, they can keep Bale, they can give a 100M to charity if they let us keep Özil.. Really hope it's just crap and that by the end of the day Arsenal fa...
Don't worry, Bale is like Ronaldo's biggest fan lmao, there won't be a problem with him.
Ronaldo has scored +200 goals in 200 appearences, he has putted madrid on his shoulders countles of times, you can't doubt him; because by the end of the season...
8 months ago
I really feel like that if Nani leaves Man Utd he will turn into beast mode, I feel like he alwaus has been underpareciated at Man Utd.
We can sell Di Maria for more than 35M easely, Coentrao can be sold for 20-25 aswell, and if it's monaco/psg we could get even more, so 60 + them both would be ...
That he really does, hahahaha xD this kind of style fit some people, Sergio you it doesn't xD
I bet you don't know alot of " street drug dealers" lol :P because he absolutly doesn't look like one
1 year ago
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