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Was that Messis first hattrick with his right foot? :D man he really is something special!!
11 hours ago
I like MessiDor's comment for sure. Looking at the big picture it makes sense, giving everyone a chance for the team to gel together for the long haul. Let's ...
1 week ago
The one with the most goals wins the d'or i bet :D Should be an exciting feat for both.
2 weeks ago
Thank god Jeremy has made us completely forget we signed Vermaelen lol. Wish him a quick recovery for next season to replace PK
Thought we had it after the Neymar goal, congrats on the victory. It will be an insane game at the Camp Nou, believe you that!
1 month ago
At work all day, got home to watch the loss. SADNESS :((
I can't watch the VV goal cuz of restrictions. Lamela... WOW.
If Pep were to go to United, in less than a month all the haters of real attacking futbol would be humbled. As soon as Pep started winning them games with beau...
Just a joy to watch Ronaldo and Messi, I can't even remember what futbol was like before these two gods lol. Kaka, Ronaldinho, Cannavaro, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Zid...
Suarez hasn't played in a while, although I am hoping for the best I won't be surprised if he takes a few weeks. New team, new playing style, new position... ...
I think everyone should just play defending futbol, that way everyone will be in a unified nap-time schedule...
Why wouldn't you want the person who scores the most goals AND gives the most assists? Its like having Ronaldo AND DiMaria on ur team lol Messi is just league...
Ter Stegen has still to prove himself and I agree with LTM that one game is not enough to prove whether he will be a good fit or not. Especially against a PSG ...
Di Maria and De Gea... enough said? lol Really exciting game to watch today.
I love watching Arsenal play and they continue to disappoint me year after year... sigh... They just don't know how to play in big games and although I love We...
I wish that he could play for us. If they did what him and Messi did for Argentina for us at Barca... the thought makes my mouth water. Good to see him be suc...
I am so very proud of Bravo, he started with a shaky game and no one thought he would be part of the best defense in La Liga. Congratulations!! I want our def...
What a world class dive. I try really hard to respect Ronaldo as a player but him and his team just do this dumb s**t way too often against opponents that they...
I really don't understand what you mean by "tactically we played wrong" because what I saw was a lot of opportunity with the ball and nothing coming out of it f...
We needed to work on three things from last season. We worked hard on defense and headers, now time for set pieces
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