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I could care less about which league is better since I have my preference well in mind, what I could use a bit more of though is NOT hyping up teams that are cl...
2 days ago
Lol I thought SIFs first comment was sarcastic.
3 days ago
Whatever he ate off of Demis hand sure worked... 2 goals? No way he bit demi, im pretty sure the City defender would have milked it. Suarez also failed to pa...
Yeah glad its not Messi or Neymar for once haha. He is being charged with tax evasion and has lost rights to some of his properties, so it was breaking in to h...
Zilch ur not fooling anyone :P
Last time I checked... alcohol takes care of both of ur demands lol
I guess Barca players aren't the only ones who skip out on taxes. Poor Cannavaro couldn't stay away from his probation mandates and got 10 months in jail. Hop...
What he should do is take a page out of Maradona's book and just ridicule England next time he visits :P Little hand of god? Little of the 'dribble past all of...
Hahahaha the papers will do anything to take away from that loss :P Smear campaigns are hilarious! Let me show you the most blurry video and make wild assumpt...
From what it looks like to me, Alves is trying to work on renewing his contract and he won't be getting any raises soon if he doesn't play. I can see why it ca...
That is one of the BEST away games we have had in England! Couldn't be happier with Suarez finally kicking some ass. This was the team I was hoping to see agai...
Are you guys seriously complaining about getting 2 away goals? lol I would have been happy with a tie!! Don't get greedy haha. Great game. Messi proving he mi...
I certainly can't stand Ronaldo's antics... but that vid PRince showed is totally a foul, the agonizing theatrical performance was definitely oscar worthy, but ...
5 days ago
Well... Guess we will have to wait til the CL game to actually watch Barca play because I don't know what team I just watched. Barca B?
1 week ago
And... pedro gets put in lol nice enrique.
Why oh why are we looking so stagnant today? this is starting to look like a game from the first half of the season. I hope our players realize there is plenty...
That PSG Chelsea game was certainly the one to watch. I can't believe that PSG let that game go through their fingertips... they will be hurting at SB. Chelse...
Yeah the team is finally looking like a team! Imagine that! All the laziness seems to be a thing of the past. I really hope that the rest of the season can be...
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