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Puyol will be sorely missed, but the absence of Villa is hardly anything.
14 hours ago
If losing CL and CdR wasn't enough, two of our most entertaining players will be out for the rest of the season. Sigh... This season has been a real struggle t...
Change the page already.
1 day ago
Jraty said it to the dot.
6 days ago
I agree that an away match first is the best so we can clean it up at home should anything go wrong, but in either case we have to go all out and get that W
I really hate it when we are about to face tough opposition and someone important gets injured. It happened with Aguero against Man City and now Costa is out d...
I am incredibly sad that VV won't be able to finish his last season with us. I hope that he can recover so he can show up at the WC. Animo para Valdes, he rea...
3 weeks ago
I have work tomorrow!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Eyes gonna be glued to my phone lol
Franky nailed it.
4 weeks ago
Very controversial, crazy and most importantly entertaining round. I can't for the next one.
Hes talking about our prospects for the future, I was being nostalgic about our past lol.
1 month ago
After the bicycle kick, there is no doubt Diving is the greatest thing to happen to futbol :/............ lol
I read that article today about why Pep left, and it was due to him not being able to motivate his players anymore at Barca. I got so very sad.
Lol Barca score 2 in 1 minute and the commentators say Arsenal are unlucky XD
And 4-2 game over!! Go Traore!!!!! What a great player
Bartra still needs to fight for that top stop of course, thats the name of the game really. If he earns his place at the club I don't see how or why it would s...
Thanks for the highlights :D Whenever Ray is on, so is the mute button lol
Tello scored as soon as he got of the bench :D Love that he is back to getting some playing time.
He was such an amazing player, never to be forgotten. And those shorts... Yummy :P
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