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When he clapped at the medical staff sarcastically during the game is completely acceptable to you? Stop being such a blind fanatic JRaty.
2 days ago
I think as a coach Pep should know better than to be so critical of his fellow peers, it is him who should lead by example rather than by impulses that can nega...
Doubt Suarez? no no... we are too busy doubting Neymar now. Talk to us in a week or two to see who we are doubting next! :D
PSG really didn't have a very good flow, just when you would think they would get something going it ended. Really sad and disappointing to see a player like C...
Needed a drum roll lol
Crazy how David Luiz played for both PSG and Bayern today :P
3 days ago
Completely agree that he is far too attacking minded to be defending sometimes. I remember when Brazil got creamed by Germany this last summer he was more atta...
You guys are so mean lol
The own goal was just him needing to try and get on the scoresheet again lol
^ouch lol
Had to work for 12 hours today, left my phone at my gf's house omg had no clue what the game was until I got home just now!!!! Watched the highlights watching t...
What is this sport coming to? hahaha So silly of a thing to do. Maybe its all sports, I remember when Mike Tyson bit off that ear... sometimes tempers get th...
4 days ago
Great post franky
6 days ago
I like turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 week ago
Serves him right lol
Dirty home? Whose the bum now lol
Hire me Jeroen lol
We have seen this time and time again when Messi provides service for days and the other forwards can't really compete with him on finishing. Sometimes our ove...
71st minute you all get your wish lol 4-4-2
What a run by Carvajal!! Wow. And the finish! Glad to see the race isn't over :P
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