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Im pretty sure only women get their pictures taken
4 days ago
Man... can the season start already or WHAT!! I have a good feeling :D
1 week ago
Lmao I love how he checked to see if anyone saw him do it.
Damn I would be so angry lol The air just circulating the stench hahaha.
He made quite a bad mistake (2 of them in one play) so he didn't exactly spur great confidence in his skills. He is a great keeper but he can't do that kind of...
We have been waiting a long time to see this Bojan, I hope he continues it during the whole season. I will be watching a lot more EPL this year because of Sanc...
Yeah that 4 month ban is insane. Biting is worse than racism... wtf is that lol I think it should only apply to International games, he didn't do it for a clu...
^sadness :(
Definitely not a good look, but I'm not putting too much on that. It is going to be a very tough battle for that starting spot.
I am also quite glad that he is staying. He has so much more to teach and show how its done. What a fantastic player he is.
2 weeks ago
He looks awful in blue :P
I like Song better, but neither left an impression to be honest.
You generalized in a way that made you a prick. latin America sure knows how to kidnap people...
We have many muslim Cules :P Not off topic at all
3 weeks ago
Really enjoying Simeone, what an amazing coach he is turning to be. Its ALMOST as much fun to watch as his career was lol
Good thing people NEVER get kidnapped in the Western nations... cut the s**t you prick.
I think we need a defender that never goes up to attack. Which is why we should buy the best: Fred as CB.
4 weeks ago
It was a tough call between RVP's goal that started the Spanish meltdown with such CLASS, or Cahills rocket volley. I had to go with the goal against the Nethe...
1 month ago
Hahahaha We should have totally gotten Fred!! The true golden ball winner :D
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