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Damn it! I almost got fooled again haha.
10 hours ago
2014 would win because Messi and Ronaldo are the best, but that midfield of Zidane (love him so much) Kaka (when he was actually good) and Pirlo.... Wowzers ima...
19 hours ago
Woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww I hate you MSN Force hahaha so much.
Whenever we give him money is usually when he starts playing badly so I wouldn't. We should definitely sign him on for another season at least, this current on...
Wow it is so weird in this day and age to find people that don't like tattoos! I personally hate them so much, I thought I was the last of a dying breed lol
I guess it would be better to face them now in the CL than later?
Saw this on Facebook and was very surprised that Ramos was so fast, just like you said I knew he was fast but not that fast. I think the biggest surprise thou...
2 days ago
Medel is such a thug! I am half Chilean and even I can acknowledge that he is a pit-bull worthy of the Pepe badge of outstanding brutishness
3 days ago
Injuries are never welcomed, but international breaks are detrimental to world cups. And if we dont have those... whats the point of playing?
5 days ago
Yeah its just too bad that its so boring to watch... :P
Is the possible ban/fine for the Calma or for him grabbing his dick'n'balls at the ref?
6 days ago
Wonder if this means he is ready to come back to La Liga
Shhhhhhhh... don't tell them St1or... :P
1 week ago
Mignolet also covered his near post and was beaten by Mata twice on the far post. Keepers do what they have to do while strikers do what they have to do.
I also wish that Barca fans were more into being Barca fans than into being Real Madrid haters.
Guess my rant wasn't over, apologies... I get that Real Madrid fans, that is the exact same reason that we got rid of Victor Valdes. He won it all with us bu...
Madrid were such the better team, that they lost the game and probably the title. lmao. Glad to see Modric back though, I have always loved the croatians. eve...
Honestly I think we made the right decision by playing this veteran over Bartra for these decisive games against City and RM. Now we all know that the future l...
Hahahahahahah OMG I blew my funny bone!!!
Iker didn't have a bad game is all im saying. The campaign against him has been running strong and it is probably well deserved as this is not the first time i...
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