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I am in Brazil this whole month and had the pleasure to watch the Copa Final with futbol fans outside of the states and it felt really good! I am half chilean ...
2 weeks ago
He had to wait a month before he could finally deliver that message without breaking out in tears lol You know he felt bad, anyone would.
1 month ago
Lmao Sanchez!!!
Real Madrid discarded him, he has no loyalty in my eyes. Give him a big enough paycheck and he would go anywhere.
So happy to have knocked out the champions!! Chile was loads better than Uruguay all game long. Huge shame that the ref played such a bug part of this game with...
Neymar was clearly pissed off that they had broken his back not too long ago. Like I said, it has been a very passionate tournament so far.
To be quite honest the class of futbol has been really... what's a nice way to put it... passionate? Really intense rivalries between countries have made this C...
I hope he keeps disrespecting people for years to come in a Barcelona shirt.
I am super late but haven't been on the site since before the final. Congratulations on a fantastic season and for this team that put Juventus back on the map ...
Going to a Chilean restaurant for the game today :D Should be really fun watching Ecuador lose. Dale Argentina!!!!!!!!!!
The internet never lies. Burn the ticket, or better yet mail it to me and Il burn it for you...
With FIFA being in the shitshow they are in... glad to see our board didn't bribe them to not get that transfer ban removed lol
We are beating Brazil 7-1 in the final :D I will be in Brazil for the final :D
Last Copa America Japan was invited but they couldn't go because of the tragedy that occurred there. It is really a huge honor to be playing for the best compe...
Your profile pic looks almost super racist had to do a double take lmao
I can't think of anyone who didn't give it their all. Defensively Bravo is our MVP. He shaped our defenders all season long and broke hella records to keep us o...
I give him 6 months lol
I would be skeptical of the success, but where do I sign? lol
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