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CharlieJuve just Watched
CharlieJuve just Watched
A+ performance!
Smart play by Kaka to win that penalty.
Beautiful football by Milan so far.
CharlieJuve just Watched
CharlieJuve just Watched
Awesomemoah is a beast today!
CharlieJuve just Watched
CharlieJuve just Watched
Dortmund pulled a Juve today.
Another good example is Thierry Henry. The Henry at Juventus wasn't the same Henry you knew at Arsenal. Does this necessarily mean he met inferior competition i...
Well, Flamini, a Serie A reject, is doing well in the EPL. What could be the reason? Crapy overall teams in EPL? To be honest I think it has more to do with a p...
Perfect game by Pirlo so far.
Here's a link to the full match replay.
@Jujex I couldn't find the following episodes. I too was curious to hear what that moron had to say about Pirlo after he schooled England and their 'beautiful' ...
Pirlo best of a bad bunch? De Rossi can't run? Wow. I'm kinda offended actually.
I thought this was interesting. It just goes to show how some people need to broaden their football horizon.
I just hope this won't be a problem. We need Pogba to stay but at the same time he needs to be patient I feel.
I wonder what made Wenger change his mind after his previous comments about Seria A.
Try this site for full match replays... Juve vs. Sampdoria
Watching this Bayern-Barca game, gentlemen I have to say we didn't do so bad against this Bayern side. They are just a cut above the rest.
Well played! I hope you guys win it all.
5 years ago
This Bayern side is much stronger than the one Inter played in 2010 and 2011. Juve has made great progress, that's the biggest take away here. Having said that,...
Juve, victorious in defeat. We've come a long way the past 6 years. I'm glad we made it to the quarter finals this year, and we'll do better next season. Forza ...
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