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Not a direct replacement. The fact remains that we substituted a 24 year old with great potential for a 32 year old that has a year of competitiveness left in t...
3 days ago
I said it back then, he'd be back with BVB in max three years
4 days ago
Not happy. Tired of buying Spanish players. Xabi is an amazing player, always has been. He's 32 now. We'll get what a year? 18 months of decent contribution fro...
I knew we were getting Roma as soon as that happened. Hm....
5 days ago
Yeah we tried to warn you guys. He and Rooney will fall out probably around the February mark. He won't put up with Rooney's shenanigans. It was a good first ye...
For the love of God... STOP BUYING SPANISH PLAYERS Pep!
England still has the same chances as before lol. At least England will still be entertaining though. From a comedic point of view, not a good footballing one h...
6 days ago
Yes those 26 year old youngsters like Lallana. I expect England to be just as entertaining as before... from a comedic point of view not a skilled entertaining ...
Ah Italian and Spanish teams run just like their economies lol
He's not cup tied. They changed the rule a few years ago. This is still a "preliminary/qualifying" round and not the tournament proper.
1 week ago
Always a first time for everything, but you guys should make it. No one wants to go to Turkey though. Tough place to play
2 weeks ago
Good luck and farewell to Diego Contento. He left the club for Bordeaux after 19 years of service to Bayern. Joined the club when he was 5.
3 weeks ago
Good riddance as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the service, but his attitude the last few years has been atrocious. I was getting tired of his constant f**ki...
It was just a day ago that this entire board was in melt down.... which one is it fellas?
I watched the United game... is United going to win the EPL since they beat you guys? #LiverpoolLogic
Chanman just became a Rival of Greece
3 months ago
Chanman just became a Rival of Real Madrid
Chanman just became a Rival of Villarreal
5 months ago
Chanman nominated Naldo (89') for Goal of the Week
6 months ago
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