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LvG also tends to live in his own little world when it comes to his ego. As stated he played him there 2-3 times out of necessity due to injury. Let's not forge...
1 day ago
Thanks for giving us 24M for a player we were willing to let go for free. Greatly appreciated! Pep doesn't need to transform Alaba to a midfielder. He's natura...
3 days ago
Hey everyone. Just wanted to acknowledge the accomplishments of the league at the world cup this summer... Bayern lead team scoring with 18 goals at the World ...
@Bluffmaster Ginter is not a replacement for Hummels. Both Subotic and Hummels are injury prone and BVB only had 3 true CBs last year. They needed a 4th. Their...
0% chance of Hummels and Reus leaving BVB.
^^^^ The butthurt is strong with this one. So less greedy? Is that just as bad as being greedy? Two months ago you guys had no idea who Can was, now you're prai...
1 week ago
No he won't. He's actually our youth product. He came out of the academy with Badstuber and Muller, but we deemed him excess and sent him to BVB on loan and t...
We don't inflate the prices of our players because even our small teams make a profit without P/L of transfers. So charging 30M for an 18 year old is unnecessar...
Adding on to Robbery's post... Top three leagues 1. Bundesliga- 35 Goals 2. Premier League- 34 Goals 3. La liga- 24 Goals
2 weeks ago
Still hurt. If he was healthy then Kroos would not have been on the field. Absolutely gutted for poor Marco!
Gundogan, Reus the Bender twins and Badstuber (if he gets back to form).... deep squad. Not to mention the promising 18 year olds
Agreed, but to be fair... Germany doesn't have an outstanding performance record against African teams. They tend to be quick and athletic types. Hard to judge ...
I agree with you guys, but like the United transfer.... I'll believe it when it's confirmed by the clubs or Kroos himself. Marca is the only one reporting this ...
3 weeks ago
@jigsawill- Marca's German translation is horrendous. That's not what Kroos said at all. Either way I agree with the United guys. Like I said before when it was...
@Jeroen the Bender twins are both hurt. Lars was sent home from training camp two weeks before the World Cup after getting hurt. Sven has been hurt for months a...
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