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I like sports. Football is my favourite sport and I'mn very passionate about football. Barca is favourite team.
I don't like bad football matches, where players on the field are hurting themselves.
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So having two accounts is all of a sudden a crime now huh? I'll admit that Scorpion119 was a account created by me, but you're acting like having two accounts i...
I would like to appeal the fact that my account is being reported. Now I'll admit my past mistake and it won't happen again. But I left a generous comment on Gr...
From Scorpion119 - "It was a great game, but I was expecting a Chelsea win. But a draw is good nonetheless, considering that it's still early on the season. Hop...
You also own this second account: Funny, since you talk so much crap about Chelsea...and yet ...
Hi, listen to me and listen well. I read your response to Diablo and I'm going to set things straight for you. Firstly here's your comments from yesterday, one ...
I got a strong feeling that we will reach the Champions League final this season. With the addition of Neymar, our attack is stronger. Sure it won't be easy, bu...
Real Madrid is a great competition for Barca. And as a Spanish football fan, it hurts me when Spanish teams like Barca and Real Madrid aren't doing well in CL. ...
Hi Diablo! I have to respectfully disagree with what you wrote on my comment wall. I wasn't trolling or anything of that sort. I'm just stating my opinion, and...
Hi, because of your provocative comments and disregarding previous warnings provided you by the moderators, I'm giving you a second official warning. One more w...
Hi, I can see from Zilch's previous comments you're a frequent trouble maker in particular to trolling the Real Madrids forum. You're on thin ice and I would be...
Champ119 just became a Rival of Real Madrid
Hi, owing to your failed attempt at trolling on Madrid's forum today I'm giving you an official warning. Stop annoying other users or you will lose your account...
Haha I agree. The screaming was awful.
Great game, but why on earth is Fred still on Brazil's squad? Don't they have a better striker? Anyway, nice to see Brazil get back on track and Neymar scoring....
What a season Bayern have had, my hats off for them and Jupp Heynckes. Kudos to Jupp. It will be interesting to see what Pep will do with Bayern after he takes ...
Champ119 gave the Bayern München v VfB Stuttgart video a rating of 5
Congrats to Bayern. What a wonderful season Bayern have had. My hats off to Bayern. Kudos to Jupp Heynckes.
What a game. Wonderful play by Ribery, especially that second goal was fantastic. Top class.
Congrats to Chelsea winning this match and securing Champions League next season. As for Frank Lampard. What can I say? Words aren't enough to describe how amaz...
Champ119 nominated F. Lampard (88') for Goal of the Week
Very disappointing by Barca. Totally outclassed by Bayern München over two legs. Barcelona have been relying on one player, to score goals. Which in fact is no...
Great comeback by Madrid, but it was a bit too late. If Madrid didn't miss those chances in the first half, then Madrid would've gone to the final. Congrats to...
How epic wouldn't it be if both Barca and Real Madrid pulled of a victory in their matches in CL? Barca making a comeback after losing 4-0 and Madrid doing the ...
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