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Unlucky game yesterday Swans, you guys definitely deserved a draw for how well you played. Was really impressed by Williams that guy is a work horse in defense...
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Shouldn't the title of this article just be, "Transfer Rumors"?
Goledn Boot Robin Van Persie First Manager Sacked Brendan Rogers (If Liverpool fail to keep suarez and do poorly, which I am predicting hopefully to arsenal) ...
I can't seem to be able to disagree more with you. Certainly, there will be a possession-heavy emphasis on all squads that Pep should manage. Barca isn't the ...
If you're going to troll, at least try to be funny or witty. if you're actually that stupid, antunex, then please just don't comment anymore
How else can you implicitly define ignorance without sounding like you're trolling? The fact of the matter is that MU is a giant club and people who aren't the...
I don't know why so many MU fans are concerned about David Moyes. It leads me to believe that most of them don't know much about the sport outside of bandwagon...
The guy basically built Everton from the ground up. What he has done with his signings and the club in general is an enormous feat. People often forget about ...
Frankly I'm tired of hearing about the Ronaldo and Messi thing too. I tell everyone the same thing when the subject comes up. They are both world class player...
I don't know what it is, but this year's champions league is producing some really entertaining games!
You got one of those gold premier league trophies? didn't think so :)
Feel like southampton played a hell of a game. a shame they couldn't convert more of their chances.
5 years ago
Holy moly podolski. why can't arsenal dominate like this vs big teams? we typically draw a couple or lose one and draw, and then come back and win with a high...
You people forget that zlatan ibrahimovic exists. best number 9 (when i say number 9, i mean a classic striker) in the world by farther than the stretch of any...
Slasic, you couldn't be more ignorant. mata has like 20 apps and 6 goals (all in big competitions) for spain. he came on as a sub and scored immediately euro ...
What that guy did to Ozil is unacceptable. he's one of the few players on Real who has class and plays relatively fair in the grand scheme of things. now ramo...
I always wondered what Fellaini could play like out of his holding midfielder role and into a more attack minded midfield role. He rarely loses possession, he'...
Suarez is a class act.
I love the commentators that do barca games in english.
Man U building youth? ha, ha.
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