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4 years ago
Daym, the scoreline would have been interesting if they were only as good, then.
Haha yeah, I guess "Says the (team in comment above) fan" is a cute stock zinger when you really don't have much else to say.
@Troubletonight: That metaphor really makes no sense.
Well, you should've asked RVP to sky that penalty, then.
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For Barcelona? That's a bit cruel on Cesc. :P
Jogador, your pretzel logic is amusing. And it has made me hungry.
5 years ago
FIFA can't do anything about this. It's not a situation where an offside was incorrectly called, or the ball was presumed to have crossed the line when it didn'...
Don't see why fans can't be happy about the win. The league may be a long shot, but they're favourites for the CDR and have some good momentum going into the CL...
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It's certainly possible to outplay a team from start to finish, and still only score when they screw up. The mistakes on Henderson and Shelvey's goals were quit...
Two clubs playing anti-football, eh? So do both teams stay in their respective halves while the goalkeepers punt the ball to each other? Nice troll, but no ciga...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Well, technically Chelsea were going to win the match anyway, if the scores stayed as they were. So while Torres' goal may have sunk Barca's hopes and ended the...
6 years ago
Seriously, if you're defending John Terry after that fiasco, you need to take the blinkers off. You KNOW that Barca are going to get the odd decision in their f...
Very soft penalty, needless yellow for Cech - so, not quite perfect. Good thing they called the offside goal, otherwise it'd be quite hard to deny the conspirac...
It was soft, but 'it's not like Arsenal needed to be a player up' is hardly a reason. I mean, it'd be nice for neutrals if refs made calls solely on the basis o...
No pressure? Did you see how Arsenal were playing before he sealed it? Nervous times.
Heh yeah, maybe his ultimate goal is to level the field by taking out players from every club.
Ain't that just a fancy word for 'stupid'? Hmph.
But Ba didn't...oh, I see!
If that idiot De Jong hadn't messed up Ben Arfa's leg, who knows how good he could have been at this point.
Yep, you compared one of C.Ronaldo's loser moments to one of Ben Arfa's sublime ones. Totally unbiased and a fair reflection of each one's ability.
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