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I want ManU-Chelsea in QF. That will be a great draw. I want Manchester United to get good again so we can have all those amazing Chelsea-ManU matches.
^ he is talking about Henptk14, and Blues hate you back!
Bro, with Classico coming up, i would keep very silent if i were you. if you know what i mean. ;)
Who let you in?
Well, they were stopped twice. So, idk about unstoppable.. maybe for Arsenal.
City played very well, but then again we should have played new faces, we have depth. Salah could have played on the sides too. Some people are blaming everythi...
Can u give me a single reason why he should explain it to you?
Koscielny has given many penalties for club and country this season, the guy has no control over his motor movements. So casual, not a quality defender. But i l...
Carlo Ancelloti won a DOUBLE for us? How long have you been following Chelsea? He should have not been fired, we could have won PL again at least once.
And in a way that looks like to be more than just on game.
One of you looks like a PUNK, the other on is Aguero!
*can play "Ring a Ring o Roses" all day long while juggling a football with one foot. (NO MORE EDITING COMMENTS, GREAT!)
People, CALM THE FLICK DOWN! Chelsea has lost to Everton and Basel. Everton beat Manchester United in the first game of season last year, Basel knocked them ou...
I can't believe everyone just argued about soccer/football and didn't care about what i said. REALLY? GROW UP!
So after looking at that clearance from SUBOTIC, i decided to go read more about him on Wikipedia. HE PLAYED FOR MY UNIVERSITY'S SOCCER TEAM BACK IN 2006. That...
Gather 'round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You'll be drenched to the bone If your time to y...
5 years ago
Goals were all good no doubt. But 2 offsides. That is not the player's fault, that is not the coaches fault. I would take 100 offside goals for Chelsea in one m...
Oh, Drogba! Only if i was the owner of CFC. My beloved club! LEGEND!
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