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I'm a bit confused - why don't we just use Alli in the DM position? He absolutely bossed the midfield during the Real Madrid game, and its his natural position ...
2 years ago
Bender Bender Bender I want Bender. Mostly because I was thinking of CDMs we could reasonably get and he and his brother seemed like the best options.
That's exactly what I'd be envisioning. I think it could only benefit to have a short-term, well experienced player, tactically as well as in terms of training ...
I'm as hesitant to bring on an older player to our team, especially one who's on his way out as opposed to on his way up. But In the dead of the night I was thi...
What about Cambiasso?
Shaqiri has been the core of the Swiss team that gave France a run for its money in the well as being just generally impressive. Ran the show at Basel f...
You make a good point Isnotfish, but I think FayJay said what I was thinking. He never got a true chance, game after game. And in my eyes (maybe I'm wrong) ever...
So this is what Heartbreak feels like...I remember the first time he came on the field in a Spurs shirt, immediately seemed to link up with every player out the...
Glad we're going for Dier at CB. Always good to give the English center backs more experience, and I really feel like he's the future of our defence, much more ...
3 years ago
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No no not crying it's just raining. Inside.
Can we please call him Stromboli?
I swear every time I buy Welbeck in FM he scores a shedload of goals. Obviously not necessarily the best recommendation but still true ;)
If he goes I'll be more upset than about any player leaving since King retired.
Love everything about this post.
Why the actual føck is Holtby not starting this game. I'm sorry, Bentaleb is just not better than Lewis. Holtby's more energetic, more technically gifted, more...
Thought the same. I'm studying abroad in the UK this Fall and I am SO excited for some British commentators.
I'd just like to point out (and I'm super biased as he's my favourite player) that Lewis Holtby has scored or assisted in every friendly we've had so far, from ...
Thanks to you both. Bought some strong full backs and striker cover (sold Ade) and now I'm playing my way through the first season. Haven't lost all my games so...
4 years ago
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