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Cascabel wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
5 years ago
How can you say that about Reina? He's been amazing for us, he just hasn't had a great year. Shame.
That doesn't mean he's a racist, or deserves the title for the rest of his career.
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I'm sorry, but those are a bunch of lame excuses for an overpaid child.
So what's worse a really high studs up challenge with ONE leg right in the middle of the shin or a very low two legged challenge studs up with one foot arguably...
Somewhere on FootyTube
This ban and fine of Suarez won't stop f*****g anything.
Great win. I miss Mereiles.
The s**t he pulled in the WC? A tactical foul that he knew would lead to a red? Stop crying.
I just love how some United fans were giving Liverpool s**t for not finishing off Norwich. You got so owned!
Sorry we don't have the most stacked team in the world.
I'm still depressed about not having Mereiles. He was invaluable.
Are you really trying to compare Torres to Suarez at this point? Maybe we can have this discussion at the end of the season when Torres stops being a bitch. 50 ...
What's wrong with having ONE guy who gives us advantage in the air? He's invaluable for set plays.
I'll never complain for getting 3 points from a game, but Atkinson was really awful. Shouldn't have been a red and then the tackle on Adam later was worse, but ...
How could Tevez even face his teammates after his pathetic display? As Platt said, he lives the dream... gets paid unbelievably and he refuses to go out on the ...
When the manager says you're second sub, you're second sub. Tevez is a player, not a manager. It's not the player's place to make the manager's decisions. He's ...
Classic man u prick. Of course if a team plays good football they must be emulating man u. Crawl back in your hole.
You didn't really say much there
Even if Barca was better the game would have been different if Arsenal had 11 men and that could have held Barca so I'm not really sure what you're on about. I'...
7 years ago
Kuyt is a great team player, a player's player, certainly not a poacher. In a game like that you make sure the ball goes in no matter what. Kuyt wasn't sure if ...
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