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If chelsea play like this and still beat barca,i'm the first one who diggs his grave..hahahah.
6 years ago
The guy posts facts and instead of coming with facts of your own or AT LEAST with an opinion you talk about his mom? you're a joke!
That pleasure desapears when morinho changes these great players with thugs like pepe,las and khedira.i think bayern can beat madrid with robben,ribery and gome...
Not true,morinho will save us because when he sees barca he will put kaka,ozil,sahin and di maria on the bench and replace them with pepe,diara and khedira.good...
Also that's football,not always the better side win.,when barca play the haters NEVER mention the penalties that barca should have been given.
Good luck indeed!!but what are you going to say when chelsea are not down to 10 men and just loose to a better side?and this is nothing to do with english or du...
A great big size defence when facing pl teams not when facing a small qick passing never standing still forwards like barca's,ask manu.
You're right,the only chance chelsea has is the set pieces,but they're defence middlefield is very slow chasing the ball and you cant have that against the quic...
It could never happen,he's English and you have an English team,but i have a feeling he will referee the final and it will be raining cards,that guy givs cards ...
Good game,Benfica was the better teams in both legs,but not always the better teams goes through,it's clear that Chelsea must improve very much to even keep up...
A great goal by benzima,reminds me of van Bastens goal in amaizes me how small teams figure it out how to defend barca but not madrid,another great game...
Yeah but we see bad ref decisions every week and in every league that should never give a player the right to cal the ref son of a b**ch and thats what morinho,...
It's a shame that every time madrid faces presure they collapse and loose their heads, they are just bad losers regardless of the refs which they had on their ...
It seems that SAF dont see the problem,the problem of untited is the midfield and it has been since last summer's Cl final,when the EPL started in aug. saf was...
Goodness me!,what a game!this wasn't just another lose it was humiliation for two reasons,first the biggest home lose in 80 years and second it's your cross tow...
If Barca had got the same two penlaties(regardless how justified) many more would be screaming how shamfull it was but because it is United it's ok?Untited did...
Great game by both teams,great win for United,but United fans dont celebrate the title just yet we all remember how well Chelsea started last season,this is the...
Great game,both teams look good this season.Milan are very good in defending but when they face a team that also defend and play counter football they have prob...
No lawrence83,they are cataluna :).
Yes,and how's portugal doing with c.ronlado?thank you.
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