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Great taste fellow Blue Brother! :)
6 years ago
Http:// What's you guys view on the new home kit?
Http:// You guys may have seen this already, i found it hilarious so i thought i ought share it with yous.
The guy doin the voice over for Luiz sounds like a complete retard! ..Could he not have read it normally.. w****r
Wheres this going?...
Lol @Naota well spotted. What an absolute sausage!!
You can also drink on Premier League, Carling Cup & F.A Cup games although for some reason they don't serve alcohol in Champions League games. Beats me as to wh...
@Kokm Next time you visit get a seat in the Mathew Harding lower the ticket may say 'persistent standing is not permitted' don't let that put you off..Standing ...
The legal term for you brother is "Glory Hunter!" :P
As for Daniel Sturridge the good Ol'English saying goes "If you dont shoot you won't score!" (Although i would agree he could have passed alot more to create ch...
I think with recent events it will be difficult to play against Bolton because this may really lift them, i feel like they will really pull together for Fabrice...
It was a very nice touch. It actually had me quite emotional. Quality by Cahill very happy for him to score that (it was absolute destiny)
Why do you have a Christmas one? bit early aint it son! :P
I think if you were to play both Drogs and Nando id personally play Nando wide with drogba in the middle and Mata behind Drogba, thus allowing Torres alot more ...
The atmosphere today was great!.. We're not really a type to ever boo our own players (unless its after a really piss poor performance!) But ive hardly ever hea...
Couldn't agree less, blinder!
Yeh f**k off ya muggy c**t! Get a life! Come on the BLUES!!!
Great atmosphere here at the bridge. Beers at halftime go down a treat (shame they dont serve beers on champions league nights!) Would love to see Torres go wid...
The game kicks off 2.05.. I'm on my way to pick up my nephew to take him to his first Chelsea game! What a memory I remember my first game was 93/94 fa.cup fina...
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