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4 years ago
Not sure if serious.
5 years ago
Jordi Alba totally deserved to be humiliated by Muller like that.
Such a tasteless thing to say, you should try therapy.
@KidRobe Not a penalty, Adrianos attempt at flying defies physics. It was a simulated dive with minimal contact and Barcelona style embellishment, that's why th...
Nice hat trick Kagawa! Good to see him settling in nicely after a knee injury, great performance. Can't wait for next weeks CL match, should be a great one.
Yes it was, it was a pathetic effort display by Alba. He should worry about defending, earlier in the week he already had aspirations of scoring against Real at...
Jordi Alba is a terrible defender and a horrible spokesperson for Barcelona.
Http:// 4 cards in the 90th minute for Barcelona, why so mad?
The pitch was bad, we don't have a coach, Messi's baby is sick, the sky is blue, Madrid played anti-football, the ref was biased, Copa Del Rey doesn't mean a th...
Dear Messi, As the greatest magician in football, you should try a different act. Disappearing is getting old and redundant. Sincerely, Real Madrid Fan Coul...
Camp Nou hasn't scared anybody in awhile. Chelsea, Inter and Madrid came to your house and drank all your wine, smoked all your stuff and slapped your mami befo...
Performing his greatest magic trick like any other magician would do, a disappearing act.
For any doubters out there, the non existent handball. For any believers out there, Barcelona with the same old tactics....
Well said, im glad the ref let the boys play. messi's goal was damn nice. even tho higuain missed a handful of chances he still had a decent game. im really anx...
Its pretty obvious...alexis sanchez was bought to be a decoy on the pitch, not to score goals. you have any?
Im waiting for the next worlds greatest article after messi's oh so great performance in this friendly.
Says the messi fanboy.
Alexis sanchez diving a friendly. continuing the barcelona tradition huh?
Would hit....i approve of this video.
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