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6 years ago
I got an idea for you guys. What if instead of paying a lot of money for AVB, Bielsa or Blanc, Inter just give Stramaccioni a promotion and make him the new man...
I know you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but come on man, we're talking about Zanetti here.
Obi had an awesome game yesterday. Zanetti also did a great job, but he needs to start being more of a threat offensively and take some long distance shots. Sta...
I don't think this will be Zanetti's last season playing for Inter. He's in better shape than the majority of the players in the team, including the younger pla...
I'ts funny how you don't even know me, yet you "know" that I don't like Sneijder. You're sadly mistaken my friend. All Inter fans like Sneijder, but the reality...
I had completely forgotten about G. Rossi. I think he would actually be better than signing Suarez. He would be way less expensive and he's italian. Inter needs...
I was thinking about the Summer Market and this is what I would like Inter to do: Out: - Ranieri - Sneijder - Maicon - Zarate - Stankovic - Chivu - Julio Cesa...
Thank you very much N3razzurri!
@Harshbasur: I would personally prefer AVB because he's younger and I want a Manager that will stay in Inter for the long run. But if Bielsa brings in M. Isla a...
@Harshbasur @N3razzurri: I would love to watch the Primavera matches, but I don't know where. Can you guys hook me up with a link or something?
Here's some Inter news that I read this morning in a couple of articles for you guys to enjoy. Blanc said publicly that he'll remain the manager of France until...
Coutinho: 3 goals in 7 matches with Espanyol Sneijder: 0 goals in a lot more matches with Inter This is the reason why I don't mind that Sneijder's leaving next...
Very happy for Coutinho!!!
I have a great feeling about the match vs Juventus on sunday. I feel Inter will hand Juventus their first loss of the season and it will be the beginning of gre...
Juan Jesus is already an Inter player. Inter's comeback earlier in the season was led by their younger players. Coutinho was loaned to Espanyol, Alvarez got hur...
I think Milito was just too tired in that game. He just needs some rest to recuperate. I agree with you about Inter having a striker crisis. But I don't know wh...
I don't know about that. He's moved around a lot and played for a lot of different teams. I think he'll be remembered as the man who always wins his league's ti...
Bravo Coutinho!!! He scored another goal for Espanyol in today's match. He's having a great season in La Liga. He has to come back to Inter for next season. For...
Another pathetic display against a mediocre team. Seemed like every Inter player hanged their balls right next to their dolce suits before going out on the pitc...
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