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@Malik dude did I say it's bad practice buying players? Haven't you heard people saying $helsea? And it's not like we are spending £100 on one player. My poin...
23 hours ago
@Malik & Jeroen A year transfer ban? for tax fraud? lol just imagine if that was Chelsea then all the newspapers and media would have insulted us on front page ...
Funny world. Haters will always hate Chelsea when there are many other teams that will buy all the players with world record fees every year. I'm sure Barcelona...
@Niru he has been at Chelsea for 10 years. While the players you mentioned only stayed for couple seasons. I'm sure the fans at Stamford Bridge will welcome his...
2 days ago
We are living in a history. 10 years or 50 years, it's just relative to the things that have happened. Usually the history is built around something that to be ...
1 week ago
Bacca: Baka (馬鹿, ばか, or バカ) means "idiot", "stupid", "absurd", or (as an adjectival noun) "foolish" and is the most frequently used pejorative term ...
2 weeks ago
O_O you get paid 20M to get treated by Eva?
Thank you KGB112. You saved my day. I assume it was about Game of Throne?
I say no for Falcao. Too much of a gamble + high wage #anothertorres
Cech already has all of those trophies. He achieved almost everything he could here. The only trophy missing is the Club Super Cup. For a goalie, a record of cl...
3 weeks ago
Aaron that's a question Esky would have asked
At least this final was without any controversial decision. It was nice that the handball goal was disallowed. Neymar acted like a baby.
Our requirement is simple, score against Chelsea then you can submit your resume. I'm not sure if this should excite me. He is in terrible form. But he had a ...
4 weeks ago
If Jose was in Game of Throne, he would make that line so well. "You know naassing Zon Snow."
Even before then, Real Madrid were buying talents for world record fees. We had to match what they would offer to buy the players we wanted and we did better th...
1 month ago
Messi is becoming close to the level of Thor. No mortals can compete.
But not Oscar?
Lots of military friends here. @Aaron222: I hope we don't have to meet as enemies :) I'm pretty sure US isn't interested in most of Asian countries' affairs ex...
Oh no I'm joining US Army as a medic
OT: I'm officially unemployed for couple months until I join the Army.
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