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5 years ago
Actually, getting a red would have been really harsh on Sagna. It was a penatly, but I don't think it even crossed the ref's mind to give a red. Definitely was ...
I understand how much it sucks for Arsenal to have lost RVP and how much of a betrayal it may seem. However as u mentioned. he made a move for a chance at more ...
Yo Razadona...Dont make things up (about match fixing or buying off refs ) Let's just enjoy this achievement and enjoy the congrats !
And the Reds go marching on......
I think Suarez will get a lengthy ban. When he was playing for Ajax, he got suspended 7 games for biting. For that reason, I think FA will give him 7 or more
I respect your opinion sahilgadhok but I have to say it's a pretty silly statement. Wellbeck has his place in Utd, for sure. What have you been watching to say ...
Pretty silly to think Wellbeck should leave Utd. Try to understand football a bit more and you will appreciate the lad ;-)
No worries, must have been a honest mistake. Thanks
I don't think I did but I did get numerous reports about all those comments and decided to say that's enough. If I pressed the wrong button on the report then I...
I might just as well. ;)
I wrote ' El Stupido' earlier but someone from footytube staff took it off (only mine) ! So there you go.... EL STUPIDO
Just wondering.... Was it you who took off my comment ' El stupido' on the premier league page? If you did, I wanna know why
Arsenal 3rd (63pts / 34 games); Chelsea 4th (62 pts / 33 games) ; Spurs 5th (61 pts / 33 games) . And the battle for Champions league spot goes on........ lo...
Hey Fabby, that ain't a funny joke (if that's what you intended). I'm not from south america but it's not cool to generalize a whole continent based on a partic...
Just wondering (since u r a united fan).......who you think is that kind of player at united?
Apparently Rafa Benitez says he is very fond of Madrid (in newspapers today). Funny enough, I don't think Real would like him to be their coach though. What yo...
Which country is this ref from? I can't believe this kind of 'referee-ing' actually happened in the semi-final of such a big tournament
@johny, screw u dude, u posted it after the games had ended. Failed at trying to act smart
United deserved to win but city didn't deserve to lose. Weird statement I find
Let it go Traonk...he's probably looking for some affection, basically anything he can get, lol
6 years ago
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