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4 years ago
I know what ManCity is doing in practice this week...
5 years ago
Fantastic free kick! Swansea is on a tear!
That was nuts!
ManCity a little lucky...but still an awesome game to watch! I think it's gonna be a exciting season this year.
I'm expecting Newcastle to be quite a handful this season. I wouldn't be surprised if they finish in the top 4 to get a champions league berth this year.
What a show by WBA! Fantastic performance! Thought the penalty calls were kinda iffy in my opinion. And what about Suarez? I mean the only thing you could say p...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Im not sure what u r gettin at when u say that "yank land" has the freedom of speech but i do agree w/ u that sexuality has nothing to do w/ football, just b/c ...
7 years ago
I couldnt agree w/ u more!
That was a nice game from arsenal, a little dramatic, but good!
That game was soooo boring i thought i was watching a youth game...the fire did nothing good and i was really dissapointed, yet again
Arsenal's movements on the ball were delicious...
Terry needs to watch himself...
Bahahahaha soooo true!!!
Paex, i can see u being embarassed if we loss but we didnt so....i dont see what ur bitchin about. and i think are passing wasnt the best but it was a helluva l...
I am really hoping that Buddle and Gomez get looked at for the striker spots in the World cup, they have both been in terrific form...espicially Buddle this sea...
I was about to say the same exact thing, its ridiculous that he isnt starting...
I think the ref was a huge factor in the game play, i understand that it is a high caliber game and the tension to get all the calls right is on him but i mean,...
I dont know dude, as soon as van persie came on. it was all arsenal and no tottenham, u guys had all the chances and they were taken beautifully but gomes was o...
Also guys here is an article about the Red Bulls main target for their third dp spot...
Hey guys here is a good article that puts donovan's view of who should fill in the striker spot into play, also it discusses some hot topics about the injuries ...
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