Campos17 (Abner Campos) home sick, so i made a footytube
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14 year old Male
Playing soccer more than anything. loves God, hails Barcelona and Brazil.
Real Madrid, Argentina, & C.Ronaldo.
Amateur (Defender) Royals-
Im 14, half mexican hald SALVADOREAN!
play soccer, with league and school. go to MCA, i just found out im pretty good at Defending so i play that position now.
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Ronaldinho Giggs Messi?
4 years ago
I think itll be Man City and Man U in the end. Glory Glory Man United!!
Rooneys playing was great.
Stop hating....
Hay i add u coz ur rival with the chelsea im big fun of man u
I would agree with u 4 yrs ago. Now the best player is L.Messi (the rest is up for grabs)
EPL is looking better than ever right now!
Im not gonna lie Kuszach woulda played better than Van de Sar.
I think babloo should just delete his profile...he fails at life.
Yeah my bad Niza i cant remember why i put this post on the LFP section =P
What was the reason Messi didnt play?
Its XAVI. if u look at the standings, Messi isnt the top goal scorer in the league, which shows hes not only a great finisher but a great playmaker.
He will ALWAYS be remembered; he was amazing!
Ha yes darkside! Barca is stronger than ever and i dont think Madrid could beat Barca, we beat them once earlier in the season and we've gained confidence since...
Completely agree, he was quite good on Tottenham; but he is no good on Man U.
I love Manchester United greatly, but they were stupid in buying Berbetov. He's useless.
Very try R.Madrid C.Ronaldo is the MORE complete player, but Messi is better at what he does, which makes him better in my eyes.
This games score for Man U would have been even higher if Berbertov could finish more often.
Well yeah ofcourse but many of the top 10 players are on FCB
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