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Wow - pinch me!
5 years ago
Caligari nominated R. Snodgrass (77') for Goal of the Week
Great goal from Pilks - the ball from Johnson was equally brilliant.
Sinclair by a mile. Zlatan's goal is amazing, but it's more of a lob into an empty net.
Unbelievable! Another clean sheet, too!
Great result AND a clean sheet.
Oh well - what can we say, apart from 'we came up against a better team, in great form'? Our defence has been a little shaky at times, so we were going to get ...
6 years ago
Good point in the end. I was a little worried about Blackburn's improving form - they played really well against Spurs, and this is a team that still has some ...
It's nice to see Gazza smiling again.
He's a good player, but it looks as though Anderson has been helping himself to an extra doughnut or three.
I'm really proud of the Norwich boys. Playing at Old Trafford seemed to result in them getting a little 'over-excited' when anywhere near the opposition's goal...
No need to get defensive - although 'defensive' works well for Mourinho, so hey, what do I know? :D
@ Diofever - if that was one of the best goals that you've seen this week, then you really should watch a few more games. ;) I'm not saying that Madrid did no...
Huzzah - a win at home, AND we did it without giving away a penalty. We finished with 11 men, too. :D Sunderland looked dangerous at times - and I was 'sweat...
Loving the crowd noise at QPR. It's time to start filling the Premiership with teams that can actually FILL their stadiums like this.
Good game from Stoke. I'm looking forward to playing Fifa 12 with the new-look Stoke squad - it will be good fun upsetting all of those Man U/Madrid/Barca 'fan...
I'm having trouble understanding why Varane's goal is top of the 'goals of the week' chart.
Yawn - try supporting your local team. It makes life so much more interesting.
Heh - five penalties in five games. That's a record that'll take some beating.
Arsenal aren't exactly in 'great form' at the mo. This is a team that lost 8-2 in their last 'away' game. To get a 1-1 draw away to the German champions (with...
Wow, if we carry on like this we'll be labelled the 'new Arsenal' - not the way we play, but the fact that we get a player sent off every game. ;) I honestly ...
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