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We're continually forced to compare ronaldo to messi even though they're in different leagues because there are soooo many ronaldo cockboys who won't give up tr...
6 years ago
Yea, i think someone should come up with a symbol denoting sarcasm. kinda like a ? denotes a question. But then we'd loose the subtlety of sarcasm.
Ummm, a lot of people might consider me a bandwagon fan, cuz i only started liking barcelona last year when I discovered how beautiful their football is. Frankl...
Hahahha, i heard that. Right "up" there with you hehehe
No way! that wonders you too?
As an impartial, unbiased person who likes watching both real madrid and barcelona, I appreciate the strengths of both teams. THe verdict is: barcelona is much...
Hahahaaaa, too funny. SOOO owned.haha
Cassilas.. wow. Where did they hide the "best save of the week" button?
Di maria just might be the best part of madrid's offense. bash all you want, but I just feel lie he's the freshest player on the team. His passes are candy
Well, I think what i said is still true. But on top of that, the evolution of the game has made it still harder. Teams are more organized defensively, and all a...
Way to make a new profile, elbandido. Your incomplete sentences and obviously desperate man-crsuh with Ronaldo gave you away pretty quick
I just gotta say one thing about comparing players from different eras. It is almost always true that a player playing in modern times is better than a player f...
Where's the button for save of the week?
Nahh, he's the best. We could definitely argue about how close a second Ronaldo is, or iniesta, etc... but Messi def has got first place locked in
I generally am not a fan of Ronaldo's play style, like that ridiculous attempted shot at the inside post. Make a run, dribble some players, and THEN shoot ffs, ...
Zub, is the extra space between Messi and and Rooney significant? Like Messi is waaayyyy better?
NCSoccerGuy 1. Those were both poor arguments. Stfu
I just gota say that the argument that "young people haven't seen Maradonna/Pele/w.e" and so can't compare them to Messi are full of s**t. I'm listening to thes...
Yea and when you're the last defender between messi and the goalkeeper, you might as well go for a dangerous tackle. If Messi gets by you, he'll score. He might...
Watched it again... its actually pretty funny, even though it does look a little gay
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