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Iwobi can improve on his defensive awareness and tracking back, cuz there were couple occassion he still left Nacho vulnerable. That said he's miles ahead of O...
3 days ago
I was just about to mention Ox. One thing fans can not complain about is Wenger being ruthless this season. Because so far i think he has shown that if you are ...
1 week ago
Xhaka laka boooooom
Not hating but i think quite a number of the slang has been copped of patois or Caribbean creole. A testament to the Jamaican influence in London i'd say. Spea...
2 weeks ago
I don't care whatever anyone say or feel about him but men he will always be class to me and I'll give him the contract right now if I was in charge. I mean se...
1 month ago
I might be wrong or didn't see it in the initial post. But I think Xgoon you might fare well in this bet based on technicality. Agreed you guys have to change ...
Yup it is Sergio. Xgoon is literally reaching for anything right now. Confirmation on nothing else. Grab popcorn, love a good show lol.
I always had that issue but I found a easy way to figure that out. Go to espnfc or soccernet, click on scores select the day the match will be in this case tmr....
Ospina had better not go anywhere. He's such a good back up keeper to have.
3 months ago
Get in Liverpool. Out of all the matches going the only one I care about is Liv vs Leicester match. Hope they dont mess up and we top of the league by the end o...
9 months ago
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