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^ LOL!
2 days ago
A mix between ronaldinho, neymar, messi and cristiano.
5 days ago
And athletico are on their way to another victory... man their will to win and their resilience is commendable and admirable t say the least! I just hope they s...
1 week ago
I feel like pedmar is messidor from an alternate universe....
2 weeks ago
I have no doubt that ronaldo will be the name in the headlines.... I just think bale will make ronaldo's job much easier! I just can't wait!
4 weeks ago
He will be tightly TIGHTLY marked. He has constantly been punishing barca with his consistency. This will most likely leave alot of room for bale to have lots o...
I think the attack will be going through bale. By that I mean that I think he will be getting alot of assists on sunday (if we score).
Mark my words, Bale will be key in in the classico. The Pace of bale and the combinations and understanding of benzema will be a potent augmentative force for a...
I would not want to face you guys! Not until the final at least...
I'm predicting ronlado either scoring a hat trick with an assist or 4 goals.... we'll see! =P
1 month ago
Looks like He's your boss then MessiDor.
Wow. What a player.... I'm speechless at his sheer ability to retain the ball..
And there's no defending those shorts... I think he must have been on strong pain meds!
^I was just kidding too.... I didn't know Footytube had thought police.
Yeah... true.. cant have that! lol!
2 months ago
Yeah he did! On the field he did apologize. I just think he should do a little more than that... he could have died!
I - as a cristiano fan boy- will be upset at ronaldo if after the game (even though he didn't do it on purpose) if he doesn't apologize. Man.... that player cou...
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You're very wise jeroen! You should read freeman dyson's book "Disturbing the Universe" . He's a world famous physicist that addresses those very issues in deta...
Very true- however, you might want to look up some articles on nature vs. nurture! Also, look up epigenetics. I know this isn't football related, but i'm too mu...
3 months ago
5 months ago
6 months ago
1 year ago
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