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I call BS.
4 months ago
I fear the controversy that will arise if suarez gets his ban halved... it will polarize alot of people that's for sure.
Hell yeah dude =)
He has the courage to continuously push himself. I think people who lack such courage fear such courage and thus feel jealousy. I'm not trying to diss you @come...
Congratulations dude! Take lots of pictures!
Those rating are stupid. They should have training drills and have each athlete complete them and then see who got the best results. Then you would be taken ser...
I hope he stays.... I have a feeling carlo is going to do whatever he can to make it happen! back to back CL titles.... that's quite the prospect!
I think one of the best things that could happen to us is if Dimaria signs a new contract...
@ratboi: I do believe messi is one of the best dribblers to have ever played the game! But being such a connoisseur of the art of dribbling, i believe there i...
@Franky: Here's my honest response: I was wrong and germany didn't destroy argentina... But I have a hypothesis as to why that was and maybe you can tell me wh...
Https:// ^ ;) @JRaty hahaha
@malik: I know his attitude might be outputting to you, but I can assure you, if you were to live his life or to be a close friend or even just someone who was...
I kid you guys not-- I was a huge admirer of Barcelona when Dinho was at your club....he was my childhood hero! I would watch his youtube videos for hours and p...
I think you guys have it all wrong! I believe he deserves a chance to prove himself but I'm wondering when will that time interval run out? Just when will it be...
Hey guys, Neymar is probably my second most favorite player because I love dribblers! Messi is tied for second. (remember I said favorite not based on skill or ...
No man i'm judging him based off his entire performance for the last year. It's not good enough. You can't mess up like the way he did in front of goal against ...
Ehhh... I think like most madrid fans i have a love hate relationship with ramos. One day he's frustrating the hell out of you because he acts out of emotion an...
Bache kojai Irooni?
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