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I stopped reading at "Almost all of us admit Ronaldo is the second best player in the world. All I have ever seen from you is disrespect to everything that has ...
2 weeks ago
I'm fully disappointed in ronaldo just like messi fans were for him last WC. I rate messi as one of THE BEST PLAYERS TO HAVE EVER GRACED THE GAME. What I cann...
Use your time as you wish @st1or. As a fellow human being I wish you nothing but success and happiness. I only desire respect towards other players and less aim...
Yes I do, and now that I think about it that was uncalled for. Excuse my comment. Dementia is more prevalent in the elderly anyways, you are just probably just ...
Your inquiry should be rephrased for veracity. Here's what you should have asked. "Which top teams have been slipping by against nothing but crappy opposition?...
I never said I was a footballing genius.... What I do want to point out is how ridiculous you footballing imbeciles are when butthurt and scared. lmao Edit: Y...
Same thing for argentina, they have been slipping by luckily and it's not going to last for long. This whole "euro teams are screwed this world cup" saying neve...
A few weeks ago I was mocked in the barca forum for saying germany would destroy argentina right before they tied ghana.... well.... I personally hope argentina...
Guys, missing out on the rest of the world cup is going to propel neymar very ahead as a player next season. He's going to be amazing very soon after he recover...
I feel so bad for neymar...=(
Maybe Suarez bit cheialini so that to help push his transfer out of liverpool...? It wouldn't be the craziest idea i have come up with... and it makes sense! M...
3 weeks ago
Because fifa rankings are rubbish. Isn't Portugal ranked like 4th or something???
It's a hilarious clip.
Https:// Hahaha!
Https:// I just don't get why people see this man in the way I do. He is not the person he is depicted by the media.
^^^^^^^ EXACTLY Slim That's why they are so petulant about it!
1 month ago
Since you can handle yourself in the middle of a "Spanish discussion", I offer you a friend request. Good luck against the Bosnians! 2 goals and you're through!
Yeah you are right mt..... I just felt like we were robbed of a draw! Messi's goal was incredible though....
I'm not saying I like making people at the barca forum mad, It's just that they get so mad so easily it's highly amusing! I guess that makes me like it indirect...
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