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^ Probably the same face of every barca fan on your profile.
2 years ago
I love how you conveniently forgot to mention the part of my post that said "in their spare time" and dealing with nobodies like you and myself. Not that you an...
3 years ago
Definitely the bilbao goal
You are a prime example of "biased/partial/opinionated" 101 Franky. Just speaking my mind. Keep hating on someone who does not give 2 craps about your opinion. ...
This is how madrid will win the treble next season. Buy back ozil and dimaria. have clop as manager. QED
We should buy Dimaria back from united.... He put in a transfer request!
He doesn't need it!
That ronaldo can't ***
There are some things that ronaldo can do that messi can't.... and there are some things that messi can do that ronaldo can.... that goal was an example of some...
So THAT's Why Henry celebrated all on his own....
I'm pretty sure if ronaldo wasn't carrying the minor knee injury that he is he would be up there with bale... maybe not faster but just as fast.
^ Amazing video!!!
If Ronaldo is punished for doing the calma calma.... Barca fans should get punished for booing, taunting, and saying racist and abusive chants. Just my two cent...
We all know that both ronaldo and messi are the furthest thing from perfect... like everyone we know =)
I agree! I know as being a dribbler myself, that defenders like to hit you, stomp on your toes, and make your life miserable in any way they can get away with.....
You really made no attempt to think about it very thoroughly and that's sad. But your opinion is yours and I respect it. LOL!
Http:// ^ Just a t...
Thanks Zilch! You're pretty cool mate!
In the spirit of the New Year I'm taking you off Status but if another issue comes up, don't resort to reporting mod posts, sarcasm etc yeh? That's the kind of ...
Hey zilch. Happy holidays. Sorry for being a jerk. Have a good one everyone!
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