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And how does a player like Rafinha even make it into this Bayern team, i mean he's just awful.
6 years ago
Already on a yellow card, you can understand his hesitation
Shame to see a player like Robben playing like this. Once he regains his form (along with Gomez), they'll be up and going again.
The fact that Cuenca dives to win a penalty against a team like this, and in the 10'th minute or w/e, is exactly why i hate Barca. Either way, they play wonderf...
Nice match fixing.
I say this as a united fan - We would never have made it through city's group, at the moment we're playing awful football. If we even beat basel, i'd be surpris...
Where are MoTD highlights! Haha i want full ones, they are much more entertaining, and its easier to comment something with out everyone going insane just becau...
Whats with the music, this is a football game, not master and commander :p great strike though
So he can pull in from the left and shoot with his right foot.
I agree 100% on your comment for the Turkey/Germany match. They started off strong some the attacks, but they just can't finish it off. They're missing that one...
Man if turkey had a better attack.. would be unstoppable! (Although i admit i don't know much about them) the fluid play the have is amazing, they just need som...
He's not underrated, anyone with the least bit of football knowledge knows how good he is. The reason he's never been in a bigger club, is because despite his p...
Not many suggested the last goal as goal of the week, which kind of surprises me. Individually its not a very good goal, but its Uruguay in a nut shell. Simple,...
Even Beckham would be ashamed of those penalties.
In truth, it would be sad to take this victory away from Nigeria, even if it was fixed (Which it appears to be - neither of the penalties were even close), beca...
Great finish by Neymar. No wonder he's wanted all over Europe.
7 years ago
Besides the goal, which was an error from our left back, you had absolutely nothing from open play. Even Drillo agreed -
Were you watching the match? Denmark controlled possesion, and the entire play, except for the first 10 minutes of the match. Norways shot was the only one all ...
I think that's what people said before they lost to Inter last year. Completely different styles, yet could do nothing against a rock defence of pure strength. ...
Good result from Denmark, but a serious wake up call for their slack defence. Almost lead to two gifted goals (although it actually lead to one) - Great to see ...
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